Welcome to my special week of Cornish diary entries. This week I’m on holiday here, so I hope to give you a new entry every day. Today was our arrival day, and a visit to the local harbour town of Mevagissey…

Saturday 6th August 2016

Today was the first real day of the holiday. Last night, we had driven two and a half hours to a hotel on the M5 for the evening. It’s quite a long drive from our home to Cornwall, so much easier to split it.

Mevagissey Day 1 Hotel Room

Mevagissey Day 1 Monkey Selfies

Monkey took some selfies of us on the car journey!

I got up at 7am because of course when you work a 9-5 in the week, it’s impossible to lay in on the weekend! Breakfast was included so we had some and headed back to the rooms to get ready before finally leaving at about 10.30am. There was a bit of traffic, but not too much. Unfortunately we couldn’t go to the house my parents had rented until 4.30pm, so we had to find something to do.

We headed to Mevagissey which is in the local area, and we have visited many times before. Although the sun had been shining and warm when we left the hotel in Devon, in Cornwall it was a different story with fog and mist ahead. We spent the afternoon exploring a misty Mevagissey.

When we had visited before, there had been many shops selling trinkets, but now there seems to be a plethora of cafes in their place. Still full up from breakfast we had a Cornish cream tea instead of a ‘real’ lunch at Number Five cafe. I don’t drink tea so I had a Cornish cream hot chocolate!

Mevagissey Day 1 Cream Tea

My Cornish Cream Hot Chocolate

We explored the harbour of Mevagissey in the fog, going right down to the end of each harbour. We tried to waste some time so my parents sat on a wall for a long time, where my mom made friends with a cat. I couldn’t sit down for fear of ruining my white jeans!

Mevagissey Day 1 Cat

At about 2.45pm we headed down the harbour back to the car, and to the local Asda for a big holiday shop. By the time we left it was about 4pm, and we decided it would probably be safe now to head to the house. Programming the satnav, we left Asda at 4.01pm and arrived at 4.03pm! We’re staying at Duporth Lodge. It’s very big, and kept nicely – but it’s strange not to be in a caravan because it feels so distant from everything.

I spent some time unpacking and, I’ll be honest, having a little nap! That’s what holidays are for, isn’t it? I had a jacket potato for dinner and then my mom and me headed out for a walk in the local area.

We used the directions from the house guidebook but ended up getting a little lost. We were walking a good while around a local housing estate but eventually we found the beach! It was a private beach so we used a code to get through the gate. Unfortunately it’s a shingle beach… sad face.


We headed back, this time walking through the wooded trail and we’re home much quicker. I’m absolutely exhausted now! So time for a bowl of ice cream and bed.

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