So let’s get started shall we?! Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting my May 2016 Walt Disney World Orlando Trip Report day by day on the blog. Be prepared for pictures galore, excitement, Disney magic, shopping, Harry Potter and the occasional rant, I suppose!

The Cast

This is what Hazel looks like: Orlando Trip Report

Me! Hazel, a 25-year-old Digital Marketing Co-ordinator from the West Midlands and ice cream aficionado (can that be my new job title please?). I am a lover of Disney, but in particular, the Theme Parks and stories, music, artwork and more surrounding them. I’ve visited Orlando 8 times now, and Paris twice. But when I’m not in a Disney theme park, you can find me in the gym (something I never thought I would say!), editing videos (complete GoPro enthusiast), baking (cupcakes, yum!) or scrapbooking (at some point anyway… I have all the tools just no time to get started!)

This is what Liam looks like: Orlando Trip Report

Liam, my fiancé, a 31-year-old IT geek and RC plane expert (by night– and weekends!). He used to be a huge Universal fan who was not so big on Disney, but I’ve managed to convert him to the dark side mwahahaha! He loves rollarcoasters (all of them), in particular Expedition Everest, yeti themed t-shirts, mountain biking and RC-ing.

Together we look a bit like this.

This is what we look like together: Orlando Trip Report

Trip Polaroid 57: Orlando Trip ReportLiam proposed to me last year during our trip round the US. We had spent 2 months travelling Canada and America before we settled into Orlando for 6 weeks for a big bang at the end!

Occasional supporting roles will be fulfilled by my parents, Teresa and Len. We didn’t spend so much time together this year as we had our own cars, but we stayed in the same villa and to be honest, as we have done so many times before, we hijacked their holiday!

The Trip

So how did the trip come about? As I mentioned, we spent the best part of 7 weeks in Orlando in 2015, and unfortunately I’m never happy unless I’m going back. As part of our travels we had spent 2 weeks at the beach with my parents and when they went home, they decided they would go to Orlando in 2016 because they hadn’t been to Disney since 2012.

So towards the end of our time in Orlando, I started to think about next year, as did they, and they wanted to go in the first two weeks of May – which is the same time of year Liam and I had gone in in 2014 (the Year of the Mouse). I attached myself to their trip and vowed I’d be going back in May 2016 (bear in mind this is before we’d even left the place!!) Liam was harder to get on board.Polaroid 5: Orlando Trip Report

When we came back to reality with a bang, I was going straight back to my job which had been held open for me, I NEEDED something to latch onto, and keep me going. Liam didn’t have a job straight away. When he did get one, he only needed a few weeks in it to realise that he too NEEDED to go back in 2016. So it began.

The pros were clear. We had Annual Passes for the three biggies – Sea World/Busch, Universal and, of course, Disney, so we wouldn’t need to buy tickets. We hadn’t started using these passes until June 2015 so they would still be in date come May 2016. One expense off the list.

As my parents were going anyway, they said we could stay in the villa with them and they didn’t ask us to pay anything towards it, so that was another expense gone. They did offer to share a car with us, but we thought it was a step too far and put our foot down! We only paid a minimal amount for the car hire, and then we had to buy our flights, so all in all, a super cheap holiday for us.

The Details

Polaroid 68: Orlando Trip ReportWe flew out of Manchester on Saturday 29th April on the 12.45pm Virgin flight. We stayed for a full two weeks so left Orlando on the evening of Saturday 14th May.

We stayed at a villa in a community called Greater Groves, and you can find the villa here. It was massive, and really nice. The only downside was the sheer distance from Universal and International Drive area – we had gotten so used to being central because the previous two years we stayed at the Enclave Suites on I-Drive. We spent a lot of time in the car this holiday.

We had a couple of meals booked, including Be Our Guest, Ohana and Beaches and Cream. I had my birthday whilst we were there, May 11th, so my birthday lunch was at Beaches and Cream – ice cream aficionado remember!

Extra Links

For those of you that might be interested, there’s some links on us and our past trips here to get you started:

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I hope you’ll enjoy reading along over the coming weeks!


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