Lincoln Christmas Market

I went to the University in Lincoln, and each year on the first weekend in December they host a Christmas Market which attracts people from around the country.

This year was my first year attending the market since my final year of university in 2012 and the last time I had visited it had gotten incredibly popular and busy, making it difficult to actually see anything once you got up to the Lincoln Castle. In subsequent years, they have introduced a new one way system and spread the market over a bigger space so it’s easier to move!

Lincoln Christmas Market

We headed up on Saturday night – there’s something much more magical and Christmassy about it at night! To be honest, on the walk up Steep Hill to the market I wasn’t feeling particularly into it but it’s really easy to get into the Christmas spirit once you reach the top. At the top of Steep Hill you’re presented with a beautiful view of the lit up Cathedral, and on the opposite side is the entrance to the Lincoln Castle through the castle walls, where the market starts.

Lincoln Christmas Market

In previous years it was much more of a traditional ‘German’ market, similar to Birmingham, but this year I noticed that it was much more inspired by local businesses which was much nicer because it prevented the inevitable problem you always get in Birmingham – the same five stalls being repeated.

It was busy but not so much that you couldn’t see what you wanted to, and they’ve now limited the number of stalls inside the castle so it’s not as crowded. At night time, all of the stalls were lit up, too.

The market then spills outside of the castle and curls around the gardens at the top of the hill. There’s a huge food section offering cheese, meats and of course, oversized bakery products! Moving on, there were even more local businesses offering crafted products.

Lincoln Christmas Market

Lincoln Christmas MarketOnce you get towards the end of the market there’s some fairground rides and this year we went on the Ferris Wheel. It was placed next to the castle walls so when you got to the top there was an amazing view of both the Cathedral and the busy market below. It was really my favourite part of the market! Though it did cost £6 per person.

Overall, heading back down the hill to the High Street, I felt so happy and like Christmas was well and truly upon us! I would thoroughly recommend to anyone reading this that you try and visit the market – but do go up at night as it just wasn’t the same in daylight!

Did you ever visit the Lincoln Christmas Market? What did you think?

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