Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I know that you’re busy at this time of year but am I on the nice list?

I’ve tried hard this year, but I know I’m still grumpy, needy and lazy. Can you forgive all that? I’ve done some real good things this year, too.

I started my blog and I finally stuck to it – I’m really good at sticking to my schedule now, I promise. I lost another stone, another stone closer to where I want to be. I even got to work out with Shaun T. And I beat my introversion (well, at times!). I met loads of new people, and I can even say that I have friends now!

But Santa, I think a lot of the time people are thinking of themselves and their own lives at Christmas, so tell me – what do you want this year?

You must get hundreds and thousands and millions of mince pies. And you need them to keep up your Christmassy physique. But aren’t you bored? You name it, I’ll get it. Whatever you want for Christmas – I’ll leave it under my tree for you.

Just make sure it will fit in your sleigh.

With Christmas excitement,


Have you written your letter to Santa?

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