Homemade Ohana Bread Pudding

Over the past several years, I’ve delighted in attempting recipes at home that I’ve enjoyed in the US. Being a Walt Disney World staple and having finally tried it myself this year, I decided to attempt the Ohana Bread Pudding for my very first Cook Disney With Me post.

The recipe I used for this came courtesy of AllEars.Net – it calls for 8 cups of Ohana Breakfast Bread, which it also has a recipe for, so in the end I followed two recipes. The recipe for the breakfast bread can be found here, and the recipe for the full Ohana Bread Pudding dessert can be found here.

Surprisingly, most of the ingredients were very easy to source from my local Sainsburys. The only one that baffled me a tad was ‘crushed’ pineapple – turns out I’m just an idiot and crushed pineapple is widely available tinned!

Ohana Breakfast Bread

Following the breakfast bread recipe first, I started out by mixing pineapple and sugar together – I don’t like coconut so I omitted that from the recipe and used double the amount of pineapple. This sugary fruity mixture then has to chill for an hour, so during this time I made a start on the bread. Doughs never been my strong point, and never seems to raise for me, but I gave it a go anyway.

You must combine all of the dough ingredients in a mixing bowl without mixing as each individual ingredients goes in. This felt unnatural to me as a I normally make cupcakes and I was dubious as to whether it would all mix in the end! The dough hook, however, did its stuff and the mixture came together easily. I then had to let the dough rise (it didn’t, it never does for me!).

I rolled out the dough and had to spread the pineapple mixture on top. I was a little baffled as if you look at the All Ears recipe, it’s not always that clear. I thought you had to just fold the dough in half, kindof like a calzone, but reading it again it states ‘fold the dough into itself’ so I thought I’d have to try literally, folding the dough over and over in the pineapple mixture. This is exactly what you’re supposed to do, and boy, was it messy!

After that I cut the dough into pieces and put it into a cake pan. You have to let it rise in a low temperature oven for a short amount of time (until it rises to halfway up the pan) and then you bake it for 25 minutes – until the top is golden brown. That concluded step one!

Ohana Bread Pudding

I then had to bake the bread for even longer, until it was ‘lightly toasted’. Whilst it was in the oven, I mixed together the wet ingredients in my mixing bowl. I didn’t like this at all. It included using 5 eggs! And no matter how many times and how fast I mixed it the cinnamon (which I used in place of nutmeg) would not ‘mix’ into the liquid, it just sat on the top.

Anyway, I took the bread out of the oven and again, the next instructions were a little ambiguous. It said ‘Remove bread (from oven) and place in egg and milk mixture.’ – I didn’t know whether that meant to dunk the bread into the mixture? To pour it all over the bread? Or what? In the end, I started off dunking it and then putting it into my round cake pan. That didn’t seem right so I googled some normal bread pudding recipe videos and everyone seemed to be pouring the milk mixture onto the bread, so I did that. It filled up the pan. In hindsight I used too much. The recipe had called for 8 cups of breakfast bread and I hadn’t bothered measuring it – who knows if I had the full 8 cups or not but I can’t help but think I didn’t.

I then had to bake the concoction for an hour. I ended up leaving it for over an hour as it didn’t look right. Towards the end of this hour I started to make the Banana Foster sauce which goes on top. I did not use rum, or flambé the mixture. I found this part the easiest of all! I’ve made caramel before and it was largely the same thing – make sure to mix it constantly so the sugar doesn’t cement in the pan… boy I’ve had that problem happen before!

Once that was done, it was time to take the bread out of the oven. It looked… normal. Though I’ve never made a bread pudding before. To be honest, it surely can’t have been right… The egg mixture had largely turned into scrambled egg around the pieces of bread. When I was scooping it out to portion out I had to sortof leave the bottom layer behind to save everyone from eating eggy bread. Coupled with its sauce and vanilla ice cream though, it tasted really good.


Things I Learnt

  • If the recipe is a little ambiguous, or vague, do a bit of research beforehand. For example, I wish I had watched some videos on how to make a normal bread pudding so I knew more about what was the correct thing to do going in.
  • Measure out ALL of your ingredients. Don’t just assume you’ve got the right amount! I should have measured out how many cups of breakfast bread I had, and adjusted the liquid mixture accordingly.
  • Eat more than one portion no matter how full you are!

Have you ever tried to make a Disney inspired dish?

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