Hell Bunny was my gateway into the pin up scene and therefore it has a special place in my heart. The crazy prints. Its alternative nature. The 50s style shapes. The Hermeline Skirt is no different.

I received this as a gift for Christmas. It was no surprise. I told my mom to buy me it, and gave her a discount code. Taking a risk, I also asked her to buy me a small. Over the years, I’ve transitioned from a size L to M in Hell Bunny dresses. The mediums fit much better but in honesty they never cling to my little waist – it would be a nightmare trying to find a dress that fit my waist AND chest.

So, for my first Hell Bunny skirt, I picked a small. Because I knew the hips were free, and I would be wearing it high waisted style – I wanted the Hermeline skirt to cling to the smallest itty-bitty part of my body.

I’ve already gotten some heavy duty usage out of the Hermeline skirt, and it has held up brilliantly. Of course knowing I was receiving it for Christmas, I had to incorporate it into my Christmas Day outfit! Yes – I call it a Christmas Day outfit, but what I really mean is it was the skirt I wore for two hours between present opening and lunch and I was then too stuffed to wear anything remotely stylish. And out came the onesie.

Then I took it to Disneyland Paris. I wish I had some beautiful photos to show you of me in my swooping Hermeline skirt and the amazingly pretty castle but it was far too cold to even contemplate taking off my coat. Though the colours matched amazingly with my bespoke Tower of Terror ears.

Alas, me and the skirt have just come back from its latest trip (the Hermeline is becoming quite the seasoned traveller!) to Holland no less. And that’s where Liam took these photos for me. The skirt is brilliantly at home in woodland. I mean, look at it. Has there ever been a more perfect place to wear a skirt featuring no less than four woodland creatures?!

Overall, the quality was up to the usual amazing Hell Bunny standard, and the Hermeline skirt is most definitely going to become a staple in my winter wardrobe. And that size small means it’ll fit me for years to come! My first skirt from Hell Bunny was most definitely a success.

Do you own any Hell Bunny outfits? Which ones?

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