This is an Outfit of the Day post in the purest sense of the word. I can’t think of a more appropriate piece of attire to be wearing on All Hallow’s Eve.

Hell Bunny Anatomy Dress

I’ve had the Hell Bunny Anatomy Dress for a while now, having dropped lucky on it in an eBay auction. You know every once in a while the ‘big’ shop sellers on eBay will put on a random auction just to test their luck and see what it sells for? Yep, that was it. I chanced upon this beauty for £10.

I have to say, it’s somewhat of a departure from my usual trademark style. I’m normally categorized by sweetness and light, pin up style, vintage or, let’s face it… head to toe Disney. So when this arrived I was a little taken aback at quite how… well… gothic it was. I was worried it wouldn’t suit my style.

Hell Bunny Anatomy Dress

But truth be told, this would suit anyone. The base black material means it’s easy to accessorise, and ok, although the design isn’t to suit everyone’s taste – it would and could suit everyone. But the main factor for me deciding anyone could wear this dress and pull it off is the awesome lace ‘drawstrings’.

The drawstrings mean you can loosen up, or tighten, the dress to your hearts content. Eaten too much and want to slouch? Loosen it up and you still look fabulous. Off to a party with your strongest magic pants on? Oh yeah, you better tighten up those bad boys and see how curvaceous you look. They really do make the dress.

To add to that, it also means if you’re unable to get your size you could probably just about go up or down a size. I wear a medium, but in this style I’m sure I could have brought a large and just pulled it inwards.

But aside from the drawstrings, which scared me when I first saw them, why did I buy the dress? The pattern. I love it. I’m a sucker for anything offbeat, so the various skeletal body parts adorning the dress in a bright green colour really speak to my soul!

Hell Bunny Anatomy Dress

I’ve worn Hell Bunny dresses before, and I knew the cut of the dress would be vintage and flattering. For this Outfit of the Day post, I paired it with a black cardigan, black leather look jacket (unseen), black boots and of course, a spider or two. Not forgetting my Pumpkin children.

Hell Bunny Anatomy Dress

Dress – Hell Bunny

Cardigan – Primark

Boots – Miss Selfridge

Hell Bunny Anatomy Dress

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