When I was planning for Blogmas, I asked my 9-year-old niece to write a Christmas story for me, as she’s always writing. Today, I’d like to present you with ‘The Girl in the Calendar’ by Poppy Finlayson-Palmer.

It was time for the twenty fourth door on the calendar. Gwen had watched the clock hands ticking round till 12am. She zoomed downstairs like a rocket. Gwen was so over joyed, she nearly forgot to be as quiet as a mouse so her parents wouldn’t hear her. She was supposed to be fast asleep.

She opened the door… poof! Gwen was gone, vanished into thin air…

Whirling and twirling through a sparkling tornado of cool air, Gwen felt dizzy. She was sure she could smell gingerbread as she landed on something fluffy and white like a cloud.

“Where am I?” said Gwen curiously. Her elf-like ears started to twitch. Something under her untied shoe was trying to move her foot.

“Er, hello big person,” said an elf. “My name’s Benny.”

“Erm, Hello,” replied Gwen in surprise.

“Hey, you’re meant to be that girl that saves Christmas.”

“What? I’m not a Christmas saver.”

“Listen up, you’ve got one hour when you open the calendar on Christmas Eve to help us. Let’s go.”

Gwen was really confused. Perhaps I’m still asleep really and I’m just dreaming. She pinched herself to see. “Ouch! No I’m definitely not dreaming.”

Benny raced on ahead. “Come on,” he shouted and gestured for Gwen to follow him.

“Where are you going?” she asked, and wondered what they wanted her to do and how she could possibly help save Christmas.

They went to a cottage surrounded by snow, it was really cosy and warm when they went inside. An old fashioned fire, with coal burned and crackled in one corner. And there sat by the fire with his head in his hands was Santa with a reindeer sat on the rug next to him.

“S-s-s-Santa,” Gwen gasped. She couldn’t believe it was really him, but he looked so sad and not jolly like all the pictures she’d seen.

“It’s the girl, oh good, good. You’re here, you can help us. We need you,” Santa said.

“Are you okay?”

“No Gwen, this is really bad. Rudolph has lost his nose.”

“That’s terrible. Does that mean he can’t light the way tonight, and deliver the presents to all the children in the world?”

“That’s exactly it Gwen. Can you help us?”

Gwen wasn’t sure what she could do to help, but Santa explained that he had to load up his sleigh and the elves were all too small to look. But he was sure that Rudolph had lost it somewhere nearby.

Santa gave Gwen a bag of Christmas magic, and she sprinkled over her head, then she could fly!

Gwen flew out of the door and over the cottage in the snow. She flew further and further and looked for Rudolph’s nose. She was starting to think it was no use at all, and she should just go back when she spotted something.

In a big Christmas tree, with branches covered in snow, she spotted something glowing.

“Yes!” Gwen shouted with excitement.

There right at the top of a tree decorated with lots of tinsel and baubles was one bauble that was very red, and far more sparkly than any of the other baubles. It even glowed. That was because it was Rudolph’s nose.

“Hurray!” Gwen flew back to Santa as fast as she could. She found him sitting in his sleigh with the reindeers all waiting, with a very sad looking Rudolph at the front.

“Gwen! You’re back. We’re nearly out of time, did you find it?” Santa asked.

She told him all about where she had found Rudolph’s nose and how it looked like it was disguised as a decoration. Santa gave Rudolph his nose back and thanked Gwen. He was so pleased that he took Gwen with him all round the world to deliver the presents. Benny helped too, he was Santa’s Head Elf.

An hour had passed since Gwen had gone into the calendar and she started to vanish.

“The Christmas Calendar magic is starting to wear off,” said Santa. “Thank you for helping us Gwen. We’ll see you again next year on the 1st December. Merry Christmas and don’t forget to check under your tree in the morning!”

Gwen faded away and found herself standing at home looking at her calendar. If she hadn’t got snow in her hair, she would have thought it had never happened. She went back to bed and slept well.

In the morning she raced back downstairs and checked under the tree. Santa had been! She had lots of lovely presents, but there was a special present in a little box with a bow. In the box was a glittery red bauble that glowed just like Rudolph’s nose. Gwen put it on the Christmas tree and smiled to herself. She couldn’t wait for next Christmas and what other adventures she might have.

Girl in the Calendar

I hope you enjoyed Poppy’s Christmas story, ‘The Girl in the Calendar’!

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