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Welcome to my special week of Cornish diary entries. This week I’m on holiday here, so I hope to give you a new entry every day. Today was ourfourth day, and a visit to Fowey…

Tuesday 9th August 2016

Today I think I was up a little earlier, but still not ready to go for ages! I decided to wear my newest Hell Bunny today, so of course I had to get tons of pictures of it! It had arrived on Friday and I didn’t think it would arrive before I left for my holiday, so I had to pack it when it did. It was £12 in an eBay auction – bargain!


We headed to another harbour town today – Fowey. It’s a very steep hilly town, so you park at the car park at the top of the town and walk downwards through some windy streets and staircases.


At the bottom, there’s lots of streets with little Cornish shops on them. At the moment they have lots of brightly coloured bunting up around the place, so that was really nice to see too. We had a walk looking in each of the shops, I saw loads of nice dresses in Sea Salt, but never in my size unfortunately.

FoweyOnce we were finished looking down the street, my mom got a pasty and my dad had a sandwich from Nile’s Bakery. My mom brought the large pasty and regretted it, haha!

I sat on the bench for a bit grump and not sure what to have and decided I would have to have a sandwich as I didn’t fancy a pasty. So I headed back towards the bakery but luckily a little sandwich shop called Jack’s was on the way, so I went in there and got a Goat’s Cheese and Red Pepper Panini. It was sooo nice! I was taking a chance as I’d never had goats cheese before but I do like to try new things.

After we’d eaten I wanted some ice cream, of course, so my dad and I went back to Jack’s where they had their own flavour concoctions. They were making the ice creams in store and putting them out fresh. I had the Maple and Walnut flavour and it was really tasty. We had a walk around the harbour before heading back up the steeps streets to get back to the car.


My sister and family visited our lodge in the late afternoon. We had another walk down to Charlestown and they played on the beach whilst my mom and I stayed at the top of the harbour. It was a little chilly because of the wind.


Once they were finished we all had ice cream (my second of the day oopsy) and headed back to the lodge. I’ve spent the evening blitzing a load of blog posts and editing some videos!


All in all, Fowey was much, much nicer than Padstow!

You can read Day 5 now!

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