On Saturday, I attended my second official #DisneyLondonMU. Here’s what I got up to on the day.

Although the meet up didn’t start until 12pm, I got into London for 10.30 as there were a couple of places I wanted to go to before I saw everyone. I got on the Victoria line down to Oxford Circus first, for a stroll to Skinnydip London.

I got lost a couple of times and ended up walking in a box shape, but I made it eventually. They didn’t have anything I was looking for so I carried on down Oxford St to Pull + Bear. I was able to pick up some comfy shoes in the sale. Then it was off to HMV to peruse the vinyl, before a quick stop at Ben’s Cookies and finally, the Disney Store.

When I arrived there were only a few people there as I was early, but I was already much more nervous than the first one I went to. I found it much harder to talk to people this time, and there were about 40 people attending. I tended to stay in little groups talking to people, I did manage to speak to quite a few others, though.

I should note it was also snowing on us all outside the store! We headed in for our traditional Disney Store shop and we all came away with lots of goodies.

It was actually freezing on the day so it was hard to stay together and in the end we separated off into smaller groups. I headed off with a group of 6 other girls in search of a Nandos, but they couldn’t seat us, so we ended up in Ed’s Easy Diner which was lovely. We had a walk down Oxford St and ended up in Lush, which is always nice but so, so pricey! After that I said my goodbyes and headed back up to St. Pancras.

Overall, I had a really nice time talking to new people and spending more time with those I’d met before. It was harder with it being winter, so I’m looking forward to the next meet when it’s a bit warmer and we can all stay in one big group again. Thank you to both Lizi and Eleanor for organising the meet up.

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