Disneybound UK Picnic

On Sunday 14th August I attended the Disneybound UK Picnic in Hyde Park, London. It was the first time I’d ever been to an event like this, and also, the first time I’d ever taken a day trip to London from the Midlands!

I was up bright and early at 7am to get ready and do my hair and makeup, and I bounded as Baymax from Big Hero 6. I was on a train from Wolverhampton at 10.05am and Katrina got on at Birmingham New Street and we travelled together. She bounded as Alice.

From Euston we travelled down to the meeting spot – Marble Arch at Hyde Park. We were the first to arrive, and just sortof hovered on a bench looking out for people that may be bounding too! Eventually we spotted Maria who we were sure MUST be bounding, so we took a chance and walked up to her to ask! Luckily, she was.

Shortly after, more and more people arrived to join the picnic, and luckily the number of people turning up confused thinking it was an official Disney event was minimal (there had been some prior confusion on the FB event page)!

Disneybound UK Picnic

We headed to a spot in Hyde Park and started our picnic. It was a really nice afternoon meeting other people who loved Disney, and seeing some of the great bounds. We were also joined by the founder of Disneybound.co, Leslie, and excitingly, had our photos taken for the Disney Style blog (I will cross my fingers they use them!!)

Disneybound UK Picnic

The sun was absolutely beating down after having been cloudy in the morning, and I got ridiculously sunburnt on my arms, but luckily I was able to borrow some sun cream from a friendly picnic-er for my face! Once we’d been in the park for 3 or 4 hours, we headed out with a group of us wanting to go to the Disney Store on Oxford St whilst others went to the pub.

We headed down to Oxford St and spent a good while in the Disney Store checking out every last inch of the shop and each buying some bits and pieces. After that, we walked down to Hamley’s to check out their offering. The place was heaving, as was the whole of London, despite it being a Sunday!

At about 5.30pm myself and Katrina headed back to Euston, where we took advantage of the first class lounge! We had only paid an extra £5 for first class tickets, and it was worth it for the lounge alone. All in all, I was exhausted after a busy, hot day and pleased to be home at 9.30pm.

I had such a lovely time meeting everyone, and I do hope our paths cross again. Here’s a link to a few of them, thank you for making my day great!






Have you been to a Disneybound picnic?

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