My Wednesday Vlog is live! And this week I’m talking all about what’s in my Disney park bag! I’d love to hear any tips of what sort of things you take into the park, too – so make sure you let me know in the comments here or on YouTube.

If you don’t fancy having a watch right now, you can have a look below at a selection of some of the things I take into the parks:

What's in my Disney parks bag?


  • GoPro and Accessories

I film every holiday moment on my GoPro, and I really don’t know what I’d do without it. I went travelling last year, which is the reason why I brought one, and I ended up producing a series of GoPro videos for all of the places we visited (you can have a look at that YouTube playlist here). For trips to Disney parks, I find accessories invaluable to allow me to have a good time and not stress over getting great shots – a couple of great ones I’d recommend is a chest strap to allow you to film on ride footage without worrying about it, and a head strap for a great view of the fireworks which won’t spoil anyone else’s enjoyment.

  • Mobile Phone

I take my mobile phone into the park to stay in contact if we’re visiting with say, my parents, and we need to contact them to arrange to meet. But the main reason I take it, is because WiFi is available across all of the Disney parks in Orlando (hopefully Paris will get there soon!) which means you can access the My Disney Experience app (link here). This lets you check maps and wait times on the go, as well as booking additional Fastpasses.

  • Sun cream

I can’t go out in Orlando (or England, for that matter, on a sunny day) without sun creaming myself. I have fair skin and colour, so I burn to a crisp in a matter of minutes. I keep it in my bag because I need to re-apply throughout the day to protect my skin. I really recommend this to everyone – whether you tan easily or not – it is so important to shield your skin from UV rays and avoid potential side effects like skin cancer (let alone looking like a leather handbag when you’re older!).

  • A hairbrush and hair bobble

I never used to take this out with me but I started last year. The reason is, because whether you go on adrenaline fuelled rollercoasters, right the way down to the tea cups, the wind is going to blow your hair around and tangle it. Before I used to take a hair brush out, I’d have to try and pull my fingers through the tangles to get rid of them and it was painful! So I started taking out a hairbrush and bobble so I could brush it and tie it up whenever I wanted.

  • Mickey Ears hat!

So these are always found in my bag when me and Liam go on a Magic Kingdom kinda day! We have a matching set – he’s Mickey and I’m Minnie. We like to wear them when we first enter the park to get some really nice pictures, but it’s usually very hot and we end up taking them off which is why you find them in my bag! Mickey Ear headbands have become a massive trend in the past year – but everyone should own a classic Mickey Ears hat!

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