Before I embarked on my latest trip to Disneyland Paris last week, I started to share my Disney OOTD plans. It was a bit of a fail because I, well… Didn’t post them after the first one! But to rectify that, I’ll share my outfit snaps from the Happiest Place on Earth across one week of blogs. Today – my Little Mermaid inspired outfit.

For as long as I can remember Ariel has been my favourite Disney Princess. I grew up watching the Little Mermaid and I felt a strong affinity with Ariel as she was the only redhead in the Disney universe. In my adult years, this fascination has carried on, and I love purchasing the Little Mermaid merchandise. In fact – it’s gotten to the point where I own about 10 different tops featuring Ariel in some shape or form, so when planning my outfits for my trip to Disneyland Paris I knew I had to pay homage to my favourite mermaid.

Once again, I had to incorporate a skirt into my outfit (and the weather certainly allowed for it getting to a whopping 35 degrees!) to take the place of Ariel’s tale. I recently wore this skirt for my Floridian I’m Really a Mermaid OOTD, and I had to repurpose it here for its true intention. I had picked it up in Primark back in April and immediately decided I had to create a Little Mermaid outfit for Paris.

I paired it with an Ariel t-shirt which set me back a mere £4 from Primark. Bargain. Along with that I of course have to wear my much loved, but much forgotten about Ariel Vans. I do love these shoes but find they’re often shunted into the corner of my wardrobe as I pick out other pairs. I also have the matching backpack which I used out and about in the Park on this day.

Finally, no Little Mermaid outfit would be complete without a Mermaid tale shaped anti-bacterial hand gel, would it?! My mom got me this amazing item from Bath and Body Works – it’s glittery and it even lights up!

Skirt – Primark
Top – Primark
Shoes – Vans
Anti-bac – Bath and Body Works


What do you think of my Ariel inspiration?


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