Throughout the month of August I will be taking part in a poetry challenge. Today’s challenge is to write a poem of any length incorporating every word from your latest Facebook status. I have adapted this slightly (I don’t use FB!) and used my last Twitter update.

The things I’m looking forward to are not very varied,
They all revolve around one topic and it’s really quite scary.
My shy, quiet heart could talk just a little too long,
About Grim Grinning Ghosts and the Tiki Bird Song.
I know I’m at home in my shell for most of the time,
But I’ve been bursting to tell you about my plans for Anaheim.
I know I’m an introvert but my dreams get carried away,
At the prospect of a Disney day.
I am a Disnerd, this is my place,
A meetup in London sounds really quite ace.

I can talk Disney for days. Don’t start me off!

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