Throughout the month of August I will be taking part in a poetry challenge. Today’s challenge is to find the nearest book (of any kind). Turn to page eight and use the first ten full words on the page in a poem.

The nearest book to me at the time was the Handmaid’s Tale. The first eight words of the page were, “The carpet bends and goes down the front staircase and”.

She goes down the staircase, the one at the front,
And she’s not sure where she’s going but the carpet seems to bend below her weight.
Hmm, guess I shouldn’t have eaten that last piece of cake.
Is the thought in her mind as she exits the house in a coat and a scarf,
But the stupid woman’s left her car keys on the hearth.

I am learning through this challenge to be much more freeform with my poems than rigidly structured. How do you prefer to format your poems?

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