Throughout the month of August I will be taking part in a poetry challenge. Today’s challenge is to briefly research a poetic form of your choice and write a poem according to the rules of that particular form.

Ok, so because I’m lazy I did another acrostic, you may remember the one I did previously at the very start of this challenge. It’s also themed on how much I love Fridays!

Forever counting down the days until you’re back again
Right or wrong, I can’t help but wish my life away
Indeed it is a curse to watch the clock tick back and forth
Don’t worry about me because I’m only ever six days from happiness
And a lot can change in six days
You’re back again – Friday.

I do enjoy acrostic poems. I did put some research into this challenge and I found a lot of new poetic forms, but my brain is overworked today so I stuck with an easy one.

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