Throughout the month of August I will be taking part in a poetry challenge. Today’s challenge is to visit a virtual art gallery and look around until you find a piece that intrigues you. Write a poem inspired by the artwork.

I found my way to the virtual Courtauld Gallery, where I stumbled upon The Lac d’Annecy by Paul Cezanne.

Sat upon the shore, watching the crystal blue shimmer,
In the pit of my stomach, there’s some hope – just a glimmer.
The trees smell fresh as the branches breeze low,
I’ve sat here all day but I’m still not ready to go.
The mountain overlooks us, towering toward the sky,
The sun shining on my skin makes me feel as high.
The house on the riverbank sits on its own,
As just on the breeze I hear a call to go home.

It was actually quite difficult to find an online art gallery. I am glad I stumbled upon this oil painting.

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