Throughout the month of August I will be taking part in a poetry challenge. Today’s challenge is to gather some magazines/catalogues you don’t mind cutting up and spend ten minutes flipping through them looking for words/sentences that spark your interest. Cut out the words as you go, and (at the end of the ten minutes) arrange the words to form a cut-out poem.

I put a new twist on this as I don’t have any magazines I don’t mind cutting up! So I decided to find an online news article and use only words included in that. I used this story.

Kid, play outside,
Smell all the flowers.
Don’t worry,
The future is a serious place,
But childhood is magical.
Be a child,
Take a lot of naps,
Take time.
Don’t grow up too fast,
Play outside.

I think I inadvertently cheated here as I had such a poetic subject matter by picking this particular news story!

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