Thursday 12th May

On Thursday we visited Typhoon Lagoon. We woke up super late at 9.30am and then I got Liam up. He just stayed in bed for ages whilst I had some breakfast and put on Americas Next Top Model.

Then I started getting really worried about packing my suitcase so my mom said she’d help me take tags off of my new things and pack them. I had to dismantle the buy beds and I packed up my suitcase with all my new things but none of my old things! I had to finish it off at a later date.

Once Liam got up my parents went out shopping and Liam and I got fed and watered and headed out to Typhoon Lagoon. We were getting all our swimming stuff ready, but we also had a bag with a change of clothes for after we had done water rides later in the day and then also a picnic so we didn’t eat out all day – so we had tooooons and tons of bags!

We got all ready and it just took forever and we ended up leaving not until about 11.30 or 12pm. We got to TL and parked up and rented a locker, which is lame, because we only needed it for an hour and a half but now they force you to pay $10 and you don’t get half of it refunded. Something has happened to the lockers because the small locker barely fits our two bags, we’re sure they made them smaller *conspiracy theory haha*.

We walked straight into the wave pool. We tried to go in the lazy river but it was freezing and we couldn’t bare it! We strolled into the wave pool and we were both feeling a bit depressed and sad and then we started talking about ‘should we come back in 2017’ and started formulating plans and decided we’ll see how we feel (spoiler: we’re not going this year waaah!). So we got knocked around in the wavepool for a bit and then there was a big Hawaiian looking guy and he was body surfing like  a pro and that’s Liam’s specialty so he kept doing it to try and compete but he was nowhere near as good!

People were high fiving him and stuff, it was impressive as he was quite big. After bobbing about for a bit we got the courage to go in the lazy river so we went round quite a way, me in a ring and Liam floating alongside. Eventually we got out and went to Crush Gusher, we did the Pineapple slide which we thought was short and then a second one (I forget which!) which was short but seemed to have more up and downs. We sort of wallowed in the pool at the end for a bit as it was so warm! We carried on talking about next year, too.

We went to the main pool and by this time the big waves had finished so we just bobbed about in the bobbing waves and carried on talking and being sad. Then we crabbed out of the pool and went and got changed, which was a faff, normally we get in the car wet! When Liam was in the shower, he got ready and changed behind the shower curtain as he always does (I do too because who wants to walk around nakey?) and some guy apparently came round with a group of kids and said “There’s loads of showers but unfortunately people are using them as changing rooms.” and Liam was not very happy about that.

I thought everyone did that. Obviously you shower, then get in the dry bit and get changed. And also, the shoddy curtains in there, they always go to the side so people can see in at you anyway! The only good thing about using the shower is that there are two curtains of protection if you need it but apparently in the mens there’s only one curtain and no dry bit, in TL. In Blizzard Beach it’s the same as the ladies.

I had to redo my hair so it took me forever because everytime I’ve gone to TL this year the wave pool has totally wrecked my hair, pulled it out of its plait and stuff. Then I suncreamed, got dressed into not a very nice outfit in prep for water rides as we had a secondary change of clothes for after that.

We headed to Universal and once parked up we sat and had our lunch in the car. I had a Philadelphia salmon sandwich and Liam had peanut butter. We had crisps, biscuits and a tub of fruit and then headed straight to IoA. It was supposed to be a recommended day but it was absolutely awful! There was ridiculous queues for everything.

Liam got me a birthday badge when we first got there, yay! Everyone said Happy Birthday and seemed so happy – I don’t think they see them very often in Universal so you get much more of a fuss. We messed about taking loads of pictures near the entrance to the park.

The first thing was Suess Landings for the trolley ride as we hadn’t done it yet – we went on Cat in the Hat first as it only had a 10 minute wait and as usual that was just completely crazy and random. Then we walked to the Trolley and it had a 20 min queue so we were like, nope and walked back to Superhero Island. Dr Doom said 20 minutes so we got in it and when we got in there it was pretty obvious it was going to be a lot longer so we got out of the queue and we nearly got lost as it’s so dark in there!

We walked straight through Superhero Island as Spiderman had a 40 minute queue aswell. The main point of the day was to do water rides so I checked the app and they all had ridic queues so we got to Bilgerat Barges and it said 20 minutes and it was probably about 15 in all but it was uncomfortable due to there being no air con in the queue, just fans, so it was sweaty as hell!

There was loads of school groups shouting and screaming but eventually we got on and we got soaked as usual but as usual too only our bottom halves, so our pants were all wet!

Once we’d done that we were umming and ahhing about the Ripsaw Falls ride so we went to get a locker and it’s about 4 dollars for 40 mins. We were mad at how ridiculous it is that Universal will give you a free locker when it suits them but when they know you want one they’ll charge that much, it’s not on, one rule for that and one for another. The queue was massive so we just carried onto Jurassic Park.

The queue for that said it was 25 minutes, which is crazy, but we waited only about 10 minutes. In front of us was a German guy with a GoPro and when they were putting us in the car the guy said to him put the GoPro away but I doubt he heard him as he said it really quickly and even if he could understand English he probably doesn’t understand it well enough to hear “putthegoproaway” really quick.

So he was GoProing the whole way around and Liam said to me, we should get the camera out and I was like no because they told him not to. Liam hadn’t heard it either, is how quick he said it. Then we went all through the ride, it was all fine, then we got to the top where the T-Rex is and Liam had been saying “They’ve made some changes to the dino” so I was all like ummm I’ll have a look and they stopped us about 10 foot from the dino, whilst it carried on moving and popping out at us and it wasn’t really scary as there was no big unveiling as the lights were on. Then a woman came over the tannoy and was like “put the GoPro away” and he didn’t put the GoPro away as he obviously didn’t understand it and she said “no cameras” and he didn’t put it away and then she said “no camera no cellphones put the GoPro away” and then eventually he looked really confused and just lowered the camera but I don’t think it was because of what they said I think it was because he thought there was nothing to film so he put it away. I’m pretty sure as he didn’t seem aware of anything. So he put it away and we got to drop but that totally ruined it. I said to Liam when we went out, because he’s German he obviously probably didn’t understand that well but the thing is he just walked off the ride as normal but if they just took him to one side and explained to him why he can’t film and why the ride had stopped that would stop that happening ever again, he’s probably going to walk on other rides now and ruin other peoples experiences unwittingly. What’s the point of stopping the ride and shouting put the GoPro away rather than just take him to one side and say we don’t allow GoPros to film on rides at this park?

At that point we’d done all the water rides and we only had about an hour to go until the park closed so we went into the toilets at the Discovery Centre and got changed, which is where we always get changed. It was so nice being in dry stuff but Liam didn’t bring spare pants so he had wet pants seeping through his nice dry trousers. We then tried to get some pizza but they were closed! They were closing all the food booths, and this was with an hour still to go.

We went into HP and did the castle ride and walked straight on single rider and nearly got on together again, as Liam was next to a single rider. We went on Flight of the Hippogriff for the first time and it just so happened that we got the front row and oh my god we couldn’t pull the bar down! It was right across our knees and the lady was saying to us “Can you cross your legs?” so we had to cross our legs over eachother to get it to shut, so it was a bit of a knee smasher in there! We really enjoyed it though and it was really cute seeing the little Hippogriff and his nest so we’d do it again! And we got to see Hagrid’s hut and we’d never done that before! We thought it was quite funny how there was a child pen too – the woman in front of us had two children so one of them had to wait in the pen and then they get left behind and then they swap over. It looked really funny because the child she left behind was just holding onto the bars as if to say let me out! So it just looked like some kindof child jail.

We got off and went onto Dragon Challenge and I went on twice! One each of the dragons. Liam really wanted to go on about 8 times but couldn’t. The first one which was the fireball one  was nice and smooth and we were in the middle but the problem is all the G force seems to go straight into my feet so it really hurts me as all the blood surges to my feet. Then we went on the ice one and we were one row from the back and it really hurt and I smashed my ear on the restraints so that wasn’t very nice!

We went and got our bags and didn’t do any spells today in Hogsmeade and we were starving so we were going to get on the Hogwarts Express to Universal as that was open til 9pm and IoA was closing at 6pm and it was now 5.53pm. I said should we go on the train or not? Should we just walk? So Liam said we’ll see what the queues like, we got round the corner and the queue was absolutely huge 45 minutes and snaking round and a woman was shouting it’s a “45 min wait as a minimum” and we could not believe that many people were getting in the queue when you could just walk. I’ve never seen it like that. Never.

So we just walked over. It did take quite a long while but we would have been quicker if it was just us and no one else around because people were getting in our way. So we were both really crabby and hungry, we were no fun at that point and were starting to jibe at each other. There was a big queue to get into UO because of people leaving Islands and going in. We headed in and we wanted food desperately so headed straight to an Italian place and it didn’t look particularly appetizing and I was saying to Liam are you sure you want to eat here? Cause we’d talked about maybe going to new NBC place but decided against it. So we got out of the queue and checked Richters Burgers and were like no this is disgusting so we went to Simpsons and I was like should we go to Simpsons? I’ve eaten here before should we try the dine in? So we stopped and had a look in the app to see what sortof food they specifically did and then decided to go there. Mel’s Dine In.

It was nothing special, just a cheeseburger and a veggie burger. The milkshakes were nice, the burger was passable but it wasn’t Disney standard at all so we’ve said now if we need to eat on a Universal day eating out is not an option – we need to come out and eat lunch in Citywalk where the foods nice.

After we’d finally eaten and settled our tummies it was nearly 7 so we headed straight to Men in Black and had two goes. One single rider and one normal – the first time we’d done it together in the normal queue. So on single rider we were nearly opposite eachother but it didn’t happen, I did not do very well. On the second time we went through together and that was just awful cause we had to do the pre-show and it was awful, awful and I’d forgotten how long the queue went on for and its really cold in that building so I need a jumper in future!

We got on the ride and we were getting really worried in the queue because they were only sending people off from one side and it looked like the other side was having some kindof problem so we were worried because we like being opposite someone to shoot the antenna on the car. I think Men in Black is my fav at UO now. Luckily they had fixed it when we got in and I got some awful score but Liam got 471000 or something and I let him have the bonus – I should mention. He was shooting the aliens high up in the windows and you get lots for that. So Liam won. We still didn’t have a high enough average score to get the suit at the end.

Giddy from his MIB win!

Then we went into HP and it was so much more enjoyable because there was hardly anyone in there and we got to play with all the spells.

Some kid came up to us and talked to us and told us secret spells as we had a wand. He was like “is that an interactive wand? Do you know about the secret spells?” and he took us over, and his mom was following him around laughing! He took us and showed us the special window and he said “you know how they normally have the mark on the floor, well this one doesn’t have one!” and we tried for ages and it wouldn’t work and he was saying “it never works this one!” and then eventually it worked and its really cool. It’s a scroll and there’s 14 different things it can say.

We stumbled upon the goblin in Gringotts money exchange which we’ve never really paid much attention to before and I said to Liam I’m going to wave my wand at the goblin and see what he does so I just – I’m such an idiot – I just stood in the middle of the room and started waving the wand at him and he leaned forward and goes “You there! At the front! Have you got something to ask me?” and then I panicked and went “noooo I don’t have anything to ask you” and then we scurried out and he said “oh not very talkative today.” We didn’t have the camera either, so that was a shame, but it was such a hilarious surprise as I had no idea he was THAT interactive!

After that we decided to go on the Gringotts ride after having a wander round the street and watching the Deathly Hallows show which Liam loves. Then we went on the ride! It only had a ten min queue so we were in the very back row and it was quite whooshy. There were some people who on the screen bit where you’re not actually falling but it looks like it, they put their hands in the air. Bless.

Then it was quarter to 9 and the park was closing so we scurried down to Transformers. We got on together, it literally said 5 minutes and we walked straight to the front of the queue. The people in the car with us however were screaming ridiculously loudly to annoy people on purpose. Liam was thoroughly annoyed by the screaming people.

We stopped in the main shop at the entrance and got me a chocolate frog keyring and then we had planned to go to Disney Springs this evening but we realised that was silly as we need to pack our suitcase so instead we went to Coldstone Creamery so I could get my ice cream fix as there was no more Ghirardellis for me.

So I got the  ‘love it’ size medium and it was cheesecake ice cream with pie crust and blueberries and strawberries, it was just amazing and so tasty. Then we saw a little shrimp so I got my picture taken with him!

Then we scurried to the car and drove home, and once we got home there was a giant owl stood on the road sign and we were right next to it, 20 feet and it turned its head all the way to stare at us and then was like “yeah, what of it?” then looked away and we rolled down the window to get pics and he turned back round. Then we drove away and his head just followed us like a gimbal. We drove onto the drive and told my mom so she could come and have a look.

I started putting stuff in my case and I had loads of random bits and pieces lying about which made me feel on edge. We had to be up early the next day!


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