Coming Home Day 12

Wednesday 11th May

Wednesday was my birthday, so of course the plan was to get to the parks early but being lazy when my alarm went off at 7.30am I snoozed for a little! I was so tired but when I eventually stirred awake I shouted, “I want my presents!” and off we headed to the living room for me to open them.

Liam got me a Her Universe Darth Vader dress, a Haunted Mansion decoration and a Grinch mug from Islands of Adventure. My parents had got me a present before we arrived, and that was the Feiyu gimbal for my GoPro (which is why some of the videos are super smooth!). They also gave me two Billabong hoodies and they paid for an Alex and Ani bracelet which I got later in the day. I had a few cards from home, too, and I got a bit of extra spending money!

We got ready and were supposed to be going to Hollywood Studios for opening but I wasn’t ready in time so we didn’t leave until 9.20am. Our first FP was for Rock’n’Roller but Tower of Terror only had a ten minute queue so we headed onto that first. Afterwards, it was time for our RnR FP. Because we’d arrived late, we then had to rush over to our next FP which was for the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. It had been years since I watched it, we got there at 10.30am and got some good seats in the middle!

The show was going fine, as normal and just before they set up the third scene, the bit with the plane, they all just suddenly stopped and started talking amongst themselves. The crowd started getting restless and leaving, because the situation was inexplicable. After about ten minutes somebody came out and told us that it wasn’t a minor problem, but a major one, because they couldn’t get the set to move out of the way! The set from the second scene is dragged off with a tractor, and it must have gotten stuck, so they had the cancel the rest of the show.

After that, since it was my birthday, I wanted to meet Chewie of course! We headed to the Launch Bay and it said it was a 30 minute wait but we only waited about 15. We had a hug and a picture and he was so itchy and scratchy haha! It was funny though!

After that, we sat on the wall outside whilst Liam ate a sandwich. There kept being blasts of music and we were confused because nothing was happening but then round the corner came a gang of Storm Troopers led by Captain Phasma, so we got a cool video of that! I was pleased we had seemingly stumbled upon it.

We met up with my parents next for our ToT FP and my mom was all mithered because the FP didn’t start until 12.20pm and we had a reservation at Beaches and Cream for 1pm. We met them just before the FP started and I rushed into the shop because I wanted to buy a nice ToT jumper I’d seen in there. After that, we went straight on the ride and then had to rush off to get to the boat. Annoyingly we arrived at the dock at quarter to 1 but a boat had just left. The sign said boats every 20 minutes! We thought that can’t be true! And luckily another one turned up 5 minutes later.

We didn’t arrive at the Beach Club until 1.10pm and then we had to run through the lobby to get to Beaches and Cream. We just turned up and told the lady we were a bit late and they didn’t bat an eyelid. She gave us a buzzer and we waited a little while and once we were called in we were sat in a booth.

Another day, another unflattering picture taken by Liam!

We had a funny little waitress. When we sat down, we ordered 2 pink lemonade, a diet coke and a fanta. When she came back, she had 1 pink lemonade, 2 diet cokes and a fanta. She was giving them out, and when she got to the last diet coke she said “Dieeeeeettt?…” and then must have realised half way through and jumped mumbled “Nooooo” hehe. We ordered 2 burgers between the 4 of us to line our stomachs ready for the Kitchen Sink. This was the first, and probably only, time we will have a Kitchen Sink! The waitress told us she had a family come in and wouldn’t leave after they’d finished because they were waiting for someone to order one! We thought it was funny because when me and Liam had been in 2015 about 5 were ordered during the course of our lunch, and it got pretty old and annoying. What must the waitresses feel like!

Another table ordered a Kitchen Sink at the same time and they brought them both out together. We ate most of it, well, Liam and me did! My dad and mom only managed about two bowls each, poor effort. If they had eaten as much as us, we would have finished it. There was only about a quarter left, and most of that was cream rather than ice cream. Liam reckons he ate 5 bowls. All the cakes on it, and the brownie, were absolutely amazing – so tasty. However, there was only one scoop of mint, and it seemingly made everything taste of mint!

We left once we were stuffed and headed back to HS. We were meant to move onto Epcot but we didn’t feel we’d done enough that morning and this was supposed to be our last day there. When we got onto the main street we looked for a bracelet for me and this was stressful because we were all faffing and it was very unbelievably hot. We gave up in the end and agreed to meet back up in 50 minutes to go to Epcot. But first we got some Photopass pictures and my parents decided to copy our poses!

Liam and I headed to RnR but it was broken down, so we went to Star Tours instead. We got the same clips they had been showing for the entire holiday, again, but we noticed some differences! I won’t explain it all but when they say there’s hundreds of possibilities there really is! The scene may be one you’ve seen before but there are slightly changes!

By the time we were finished on that it was time to leave, so we met back up with my parents and walked out to head to the car. We’d parked quite far back that morning so we waited for the tram and we were so hot and tired. There was a moment we debated going home but I was like “NO! We will go to Epcot…” and my dad said we may aswell go because at this point it was nearly 5pm and Epcot closed at 9pm anyway. We got parked up there and headed in. As usual Liam and I walked whilst my parents got on a tram. Once we got to the entrance we looked back, and again, as usual, their tram hadn’t even moved!

The first thing I wanted to do was find the new World of Colour pavilion thing, because I’d seen it on Tim Tracker and it looked fun. We went into the wrong Innovations by accident to discover it was entirely empty and freezing. So we went across into the opposite Innovations building, or whatever they’re called. We’ve never really paid them much attention. Liam originally wanted us to try and do everything in it as we’d never done it before so we walked up to one and the lady said, “This is a ten minute film about how you can storm proof your house.” We were like okaaaaay, and said we’d come back, but we never did.

The Colour bit was actually quite good! You went into a room where it kept flashing different colours but it was so bright it was blinding! Liam made me laugh because we were stood in there and we were looking at eachother, I looked away for one second and the next thing you know he had put his sunglasses on. So he was just stood in this orange light with sunglasses on.

The next good bit was a room with a magical paintbrush. So you go through a little intro bit. It’s in an entirely white room and it casts your shadow in all the colours of the rainbow. It was here Liam told me all colours are white. Not sure I believe that. But he reckons no colour is black and all colours together are white. White is the full spectrum? Ehhhh? Anyway, the happy, happy man hosting gave us all magical paintbrushes and you dripped them into magical paint pots to colour and then drew on the wall.

Feeling coloured out we went to Mouse Gear to pick up my WDW Alex and Ani bangle and then popped to Test Track. The single rider line said 5 minutes so we headed in. The 5 minutes was the walk up to the ride, we stepped straight on. We were in a car together, too, as we’d been paired with a family of four. Single rider is handy for that.

Afterwards, we headed to Mission Space because I’d gotten us a FP for it. We were still stuffed from lunch and I said I don’t know if I can do this on a full belly, but we did anyway. We walked straight through, just as they were about to close the door of the pre-show room. We were put in a pod by ourselves so we had to do all the jobs. We sat in the middle seats, everything was going to plan, we got the restraints put on and were locked in and then about 5 minutes later nothing had happened. The doors opened and we sat there for a good ten minutes and they kept saying there was a delay to our missions. I was freezing cold and got goosebumps! Liam liked it, but I hate being cold. We just sat there and we didn’t have the option to get off because no one was around to let us off. Finally the doors closed. Me and Liam said perhaps we broke it and how hilarious it would be, because everytime they strap us in we both furiously press all the buttons for a joke and pretend we’re breaking the spaceship. We’ve gotten some funny looks in the past from people we’ve been sharing with! But if you press the buttons they all make noises and light up.

Anyway, eventually we got going and it was pretty intense. Sometimes it’s not so bad but this was one of the times where I could barely lift my arms to press my button! After that we walked our traditional route round World Showcase, starting in Mexico. Of course we headed onto the boat ride. As we walked out, a guy said something to me in Mexican, and then went “Happy Birthday!” Yay.

Outside, I was umming and ahhing about getting a frozen margarita and eventually I was like, “I’m 25! I’m getting one!” haha and got in the queue. I got a strawberry one and it was really refreshing and nice. I couldn’t drink it all so I gave some to Liam.

When we got to Germany we had a look round the shops and some cute pictures. In the caramel shop I picked up a caramel smore to eat another time. I just enjoy caramel!

We didn’t do much interesting round the world, except get our picture taken a lot! In America, we stopped at the Smokehouse Booth and I got some Burnt Ends Hash which was really tasty, so I’m glad I had it! Liam was shocked I could fit it in after lunch but he also ate a sandwich he’d brought with him.

In France, I stopped and got a macaroon from their Food and Wine booth. It was a raspberry one with dark chocolate and jam inside and it was amazing. We had a sit in France and some picture taken, and then headed down to Canada. We were going to watch the film there, we both love it, and it said ten minutes until show time. At this point it was quarter past 8 and I didn’t want to push it because the fireworks started at 9pm so we just headed back up to America to meet my parents. We had about 15 minutes to wait so we played some rounds of the Heads Up game, which was fun.

We watched Illuminations, and we were not impressed. I remember it being quite good in 2015, so it was weird I didn’t like it. Liam says it’s just music, a few images and then it’s nothing but a globe spinning with some fuzzy images on it. For about 5 minutes you just watch it spin and then there’s a few more fireworks and it’s the end of it. It’s true, really. It’s the worst display of all the parks and they definitely need to revamp it soon. It’s just really dropping the ball compared to the new Star Wars fireworks which are so good. It’s the same with Wishes, really. I like it but it’s got to the point where I prefer the projection show beforehand because Wishes is so old. It must have been on for nearly 20 years, I remember when I was younger it blew me away and it was so emotional but now I’m a bit like, I’ve seen this 20 times over, please just update it. I’m sure they will, anyway.

We walked out of the park, and of course, when you’re half way around the world it takes a long time to walk out, and when there’s about a million other people also leaving it takes even longer! Finally though, we got back to the car delirious and tired and happy to be going back home. When we got there, everyone sang happy birthday to me and I blew out the candles on my confetti cake. Nobody else wanted cake but it was my birthday so I had a slither, of course. Then we watched forensic files before finally going to sleep.

Here’s all of our pictures from around the world. There were some Photopass locations I hadn’t seen before!


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