Welcome to my special week of Cornish diary entries. This week I’m on holiday here, so I hope to give you a new entry every day. Today was our fifth day, and a visit to Falmouth plus a walk to Porthpean beach…

Wednesday 10th August 2016

Today was a rainy day so we had planned a shopping day to Falmouth. We hadn’t realised it was Falmouth Week, so they are holding a regatta. As we got closer we realised we weren’t going to be able to park in our usual car park so we got parked on the park and ride and headed in on the bus.


The sales on in the shops were really good! The first stop for purchases was Salt Rock, where they had a massive sale plus 50% off listed prices. I got a new top for the gym, and two nicely coloured hoodies.

Heading down we stopped for a Costa lunch and then carried on down the street. I got a pair of crochet Tom’s that I’d wanted for ages in the Ann’s Cottage sale for £31, and an AMAZING scarf with dinosaurs on (I will film a Cornish shopping haul vlog to share it all with you!).

FalmouthFinally, when it was time to go home, I headed into a Mexican we had eaten from before to get something to take home for dinner. I had a chicken burrito. It wasn’t great this year – it tasted a little bland, randomly!

When we got home our orginal plans were scuppered. We were going to go and see Finding Dory tonight but the cinema times had changed and we’d missed the last showing! Instead we decided we’d have a walk to go and find Porthpean beach which was about a mile away.


It was a really good walk, parts of it along the coastal path. We found a disused watch tower and took some good pictures from up there, and then headed down the steps to the beach. The beach was really nice at this time in the evening, and lots of people were bringing boats down from the local sailing club.


We had a sit on the beach and decided we’d come back tomorrow to go in the sea, and then we headed back up. On the way back I wondered if we could take a different route to get back through to Charlestown, so we headed a little way down to investigate.

We found a fairy glen! It was a really nice meadowy area with lots of brightly coloured orange flowers growning, and we stopped and took lots of pictures before carrying on.


Falmouth (13)We headed home taking pictures on the way… This is what I called the BFG bench – it was huge and looked like it was blending into the earth!

When we got home it was still earlier, about 7.30pm, and I was bored so we walked down to Asda for a look around. Nothing much has happened since then!

Tomorrow, we may actually manage to go to the beach!

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