Christmas Traditions

Since we’ve been living together, Liam and I seem to have picked up a whole host of Christmas Traditions! Have a read of them here.

  • Liam reading the Grinch to me

As detailed in our top Christmas film picks, Liam loves the Grinch. It’s his favourite film of all time. On our first Christmas as a couple whilst we were still at uni (2011), I brought the original Dr Suess book – How the Grinch Stole Christmas – as a present for him. In 2012, we moved in together just before Christmas and he read the story to me on Christmas Eve. Now it’s traditional that he reads it to me every Christmas Eve!

  • Having a nice breakfast on Christmas morning

My usual ‘going to work’ breakfast consists of porridge or a bagel, and Liam always has a bowl of bran flakes (yuk!). For Christmas morning, we always pick out something fancy and different we’re going to eat well in advance. Liam opts for a bacon French stick, whilst I normally go for the slightly more up-market scrambled egg and salmon bagel!

  • The Christmas Troth

Ahhh, the Christmas troth. An age old tradition. Liam and I never eat Christmas lunch together, because we’re from different parts of the country we spend Christmas day with our respective families. So, every Christmas Eve we cook up a huge Christmas dinner for just the two of us, with all the trimmings. It’s so big, that we have to serve it in pyrex pasta bake dishes and we affectionately name it the Christmas Troth.

  • Boxing Day Sales

Ok, unpopular opinion, Boxing Day is my favourite part of Christmas. Every morning since 2012 I have gotten up at about 6am and headed into town first thing before the rest of the crowds get there. I would be absolutely devastated if they closed all the shops on Boxing Day. My favourite place is Boots, half price gift sets!

Do you have any Christmas traditions? Let me know in the comments!

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