Christmas Poem to Bloggers

Today I’ve got a Christmas treat for you! A poem written by me, all about the struggles of Blogmas. Enjoy!


Twas three weeks before Christmas and all through the house,
Everything was stirring including the mouse.
Fleur was typing as fast as she could,
Blogmas posts were being written just as they should.
Advent Calendar chocolates were days overdue,
No time for chocolate? Well this was new!
The Tree was unlit, no one to turn on the light,
All was in darkness, instead of merry and bright.
Hunched over a brightly lit laptop screen,
Sat Fleur Charms – the blogmas queen!
Until ten minutes later running up the stairs,
Liam came running and took Fleur unawares.
“Quick, look outside, it’s a Christmas treat!
Never, have I ever seen something so neat!”
And sure enough out the window, there was a sight,
Sure enough it gave Fleur a fright.
Santa, and his reindeers, were parked on the lawn,
But he didn’t look happy, no, he looked quite forlorn.
He knocked on the door with a sombre tap,
Fleur resigned and closed the device on her lap.
Heading downstairs, she opened up with some stress,
“Come on, get it over with, or my Blogmas will be a mess.”
“Fleur”, boomed Santa, “You’ve forgotten the meaning,
That’s why I’m here now, intervening,
Forget about page views, DA and your brand,
Christmas comes but once a year in this land.
Close up that laptop, put down that phone,
Remember, that Christmas, it all starts with home.
Forget about Twitter, YouTube and Buffer,
Don’t let the people who matter, suffer.
Three weeks to go, let’s fill them with joy,
Bloggers all over – don’t forget to enjoy
Time with your family, your partners, at home
Don’t sit upstairs working on Blogmas alone.
I command you, at once, go inside of that house,
And please, I’m begging you stop stirring that mouse.”
Fleur, with a grin, nodded and agreed,
“I hope that all bloggers will take heed.”
So if you’re feeling stressed, typing too much,
Snapping photos, sending Tweets, scheduling and such,
Remember to take a break this Christmas time,
Sit back and think of this silly rhyme.


Have you felt stressed out during Blogmas? Make sure to relax and enjoy the Christmas period!

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