Christmas Memories

As Christmas is a time for family, I decided to ask a few members of mine their favourite memories and moments at Christmas time.

“Getting to see all of my family eating Christmas dinner, and all of us opening presents together and seeing them being happy.” My niece, Poppy, 9-years-old.


“My favourite Christmas memory is from my first Christmas at Lincoln University. I remember that we had gone to town to buy a tree and a selection of the cheapest decorations we could find (thank you Poundland and Wilkinson). There was a great big living room / kitchen in our apartment of eight people and we all set about decorating it and putting up the tree. I remember that we had Christmas music playing and when we ran out of decorations we started to make our own. In the run up to the Christmas holidays our work load had eased off and I’m sure we would have had loads of fun nights out planned before we all left and went back to our families for the three week holiday. What really sticks in my mind though was the absolute feeling of contentment and happiness I felt. After some rather unhappy years when I was younger, with no direction in my life and growing apart from old friends, here I was at University, absolutely loving life and surrounded by amazing people. The only thing missing was Hazel, my beautiful fiance. But I didn’t know that then, or the fact that we would spend many more future Christmasses together.” My fiance, Liam.


“Mine is going in the living room first to check if Santa has been, then watching the look on the kids faces as they come in and see their presents.” My sister, Emma.


“When I was a kid we used to have parties at my nans at Christmas and I would go round with a hat and collect pennies from everyone and share the money with my cousins. Every Christmas I would also get a Christmas stocking and it always had an apple and an orange in it.” My dad, Len.


“Getting presents which I really enjoyed.” Aidan, my nephew, 11-years-old.


“I remember the first Christmas I had with your dad and just before Christmas one night he had gone out somewhere and I was a bit sad then I noticed he had put a present under the tree for me and I looked at it and the label just said ‘To the one I love’ and I can remember feeling really happy when I saw it.” My mom, Teresa.

What are your favourite memories or parts of Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

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