Christmas Food

Today I’m going to share with you both mine and Liam’s top three Christmas food picks!

Christmas Food


I love food, it’s my vice and my passion. I like to try new things, I’m the opposite of a picky eater and I just generally enjoy eating (much to my weights displeasure). When I think of food at Christmas I think of it just being that little bit more decadent, there are certain snacks and foods that I just wouldn’t eat at any other time of the year – so I’ve picked three of these to share with you.

1. Mince Pies

My first pick is Mince Pies. Ok, confession, the first time I ever tried a mince pie was in 2015. Liam and I were standing in the queue in Costa and a lady was giving out samples of them – up until this point I had totally avoiding them assuming they were disgusting. When she came up to us Liam said I’d try one not realising I didn’t like them and I panicked and took a piece. This was when I realised mince pies were actually nice! And now I really, really enjoy them and they are just the quintessential Christmas snack.

2. Salmon, cream cheese and crackers

Salmon, cream cheese and crackers just reminds me of Christmas even though it’s not remotely Christmassy. It’s just always something I request my parents to buy, but don’t bother with at any other time of the year. For a start, it’s traditional to buy a cheese board at Christmas and with that must comes a huge box of different flavoured crackers. And then salmon and cream cheese together on a cracker is just perfect for a Christmas or Boxing Day evening snack!

3. Hot Chocolate

My last choice is Hot Chocolate. I don’t drink hot drinks, at all – tea and coffee, ew! But hot chocolate is my drink of choice when the winter months roll around. For me, it’s officially the Christmas period when Costa release their range of festive drinks. Have a look on my take on their Black Forest Hot Chocolate here.


There are three things you need to know about me when it comes to food. Number one, I am a picky eater. Number two, I spend most of my life trying to be healthy. And number three, I have exceptionally cheap taste. I only stick to two of these principals at Christmas and I can tell you this, it isn’t healthy eating.

1. Pringles

So, with this in mind, my first edible treat is the king (or queen) of pot based potato snacks. That’s right you’ve guessed it, the pringle. I only eat them during the festive season and I really can’t think of anything better to snack on while watching Christmas movies. The beauty of pringles is that no matter how full up you are, there is always room to eat more. You can also put two together to make a weird kind of duck bill, which I do, a lot…

2. Chocolate Fingers

My second choice also sits firmly in the food group known as ‘treat’. It is in my opinion, the tastiest of all biscuits, the chocolate finger. Show me someone who can eat only one and I’ll show you a liar. It’s physically impossible. Perhaps. Just like pringles, chocolate fingers can be eaten even when you’re ready to burst. This is extremely handy at Christmas time. If Mr Creosote had been offered a choccie finger instead of that mint, Monty Python would have lost one of its funniest sketches.

3. Ridiculous amounts of chocolate

My final choice is really a complete cop out. It is chocolate. All of it. Christmas is the one time of the year when it is ok for me to have a trove of chocolate hidden away in a box. It is not unknown for this supply to last me until Easter. I know it’s bad, that its clogging my arteries and ageing my skin, but my god I just don’t care.

What are your favourite Christmas foods? Let me know in the comments!

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