Christmas Film Picks

We are the biggest fans of Christmas films (though not as much as Christmas food, on my part!) so let me share some Christmas joy with you. You might stumble upon a film you’ve never heard of before!


1. Christmas With the Kranks
2. Bad Santa
3. The Muppet’s Christmas Carol

My three picks for top Christmas films is quite varied! My first pick has to be Christmas With the Kranks. I first watched this quite some time ago, and my Mom loves it too. But in recent years it’s a tradition for me and Liam that we have to sit down and watch it before the big day. It’s just so ridiculous and hilarious and honestly, the whole film is quite frustrating! Make sure you look out for the ham! My second pick is Bad Santa, and I only came to know of this film a few years ago but it’s become a firm favourite, again, because of a tradition me and Liam stick to. We always watch Bad Santa in bed, usually on a Friday night, when we’re not long from breaking up for work. It’s is just so bad, but hilariously bad. Finally, I had to pick the Muppet’s Christmas Carol because… the Muppets! I love them, they are so ridiculous but they have real heart, so they work perfectly in a Christmas film. I also still can’t believe a serious actor such as Michael Caine is in it!

Christmas Film Picks


1. The Grinch
2. Polar Express
3. Santa Claus the Movie

This is kind of an embarrassing list for me because most of my favourite films are actually Christmas films. So if I’m chatting at work or with friends and their talking about the Godfather or Shawshank Redemption, I have to tell them that my favourite film is the Grinch, because it is. I suppose I could lie, but that would be betraying Ron Howards masterpiece. So there it is, my favourite Christmas film is my favourite film, and that is the Grinch. My next favourite film is the Polar Express. I know it has some really creepy computer animated characters, and the plot gets lost at times (who’s the ghost on the roof?) but when all is said and done it looks beautiful and the music is excellent. Also I think the ending is truly magical. I wont give it away, except to say that I would still hear it 😉 My last choice is the one film that reminds me most of my childhood. It is Santa Claus the movie, not to be confused with the Santa Clause with Tim Allen, still a good film btw. When I think of Santa, he is like the one in this film, probably because I would have been very young when I first watched it. It is my go to Christmas film and I try to watch it every year. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you give it a watch this year.

What are your favourite Christmas films? Let me know in the comments!

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