Christmas Decorations

What did we do last weekend, you ask? We put up our tree, of course! Alright, it may not have even been December at the time but Christmas has well and truly arrived in this household.

We’re both HUGE lovers of Christmas, and we’ve spent the last four years we’ve been living together collecting a vast amount of ornaments and decorations which we present with pride when the winter months roll around.

This year we’re in a new house, so we have the tricky predicament of deciding where to put the tree. Of course it has to be in the living room so we can see it ALL THE TIME but our living room is somewhat of a box. A full one at that. So we ended up shoving it up the corner, pushing it as far back against the wall as we could. But it still looks beautiful.

Each year the tree comes out I just can’t stop looking at it. I almost can’t believe it’s there. It fills the house with Christmas joy. Every morning, when we go down to collect breakfast after having been rudely awakened by the alarm, we walk past the tree and feel at home.

I want to share with you a couple of my favourite ornaments we’ve picked up over the years:

“Our Christmas Together”

This was our very first Christmas ornament. Back in 2012, we were fresh out of university and my parents took us on our first holiday to Walt Disney World, Orlando, together. Having just finished university, we didn’t live together and knew we had so much to figure out – including getting jobs! But of course, our mind was on Christmas. We picked this up in the year-round Christmas shop at Downtown Disney and it’s inscription was just perfect for what would be our very first Christmas living together in 2012.

Christmas Decorations

Mickey and Minnie’s Red Bauble

After buying our first ornament when we visited Orlando together in 2012, we decided it needed to become a tradition to buy an ornament every time we visited. In 2014, we picked up this adorable red Mickey and Minnie bauble – we loved it because the design matched our tree and was a lovely red glitter colour which went with our colour scheme perfectly!

Peter Pan and the Mickey wreaths

Last year I visited Disneyland Paris with my friend (which you can read about in an upcoming blogmas post!) and I found the selection of ornaments there to just be so much more… magical than the ones than can be found in Orlando! I was willing to forego my colour scheme to pick up Peter, which his gold accents, but I positively HAD to grab this set of two Mickey shaped holiday wreaths in red, white and green.

Christmas Decorations

The Grinch

I love Dr Suess. His books are the most adorable things there are, and with such amazing messages to them. Liam is the biggest fan of the Grinch, he knows practically every line and loves doing a Grinchy impression. This year we visited Orlando and were dismayed to see Disney had stopped doing the huge bauble decorations like our previous two – so we defected to Universal Orlando and got this adorable Grinchy wreath. Doesn’t he look angelic?!

Have you put your Christmas tree up yet? What are you favourite decorations?

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