On Christmas Day, I do exactly the same thing every year and I couldn’t imagine doing anything differently.

Liam and I used to wake up together and spend the morning together before he drove home (he lives two hours away) but in the last couple of years we’ve spent Christmas Day apart. So sometime before Christmas when I’ve finished work, I go and stop at my parents house.

On Christmas Eve I try and tire myself out because I still get way too excited to sleep! My mind just won’t stop thinking about things. I always end up waking up on Christmas Morning ridiculously early, though there has been occasions since I’ve been working where I’ve slept in a bit later! Normally if I wake up early I sit in bed and have a look on my phone or tablet, thank god for these devices because as a child I’d have to just lay there waiting for time to pass.

Once I get up I go downstairs and start opening my presents with my mom, my dad always seems to turn up later! Once I’ve opened them I go back to my room and start getting ready for the rest of my family to arrive. I always want to do my hair and make up really nice on Christmas, and put on a really nice outfit.

Everyone else normally arrives at about 11am, and we all carry on opening and exchanging presents. In total there’s normally about 13 of us in the living room and my dad normally hangs around with a bin bag so the wrapping doesn’t overtake the floor.

After we’ve all opened our presents everyone else leaves except for my eldest nephew. He stays because he eats meat, and my sister’s family have a vegetarian Christmas lunch. We always have about ten different meats because my dad goes overboard.

This is where what I call the ‘lull’ in the day begins! When I was younger it was fine because I’d normally have presents I could play with, but as I got older and stopped getting toys there’s never really much to do at this time but hang around and wait for dinner to be cooked. We normally eat at around 2pm. During dinner we pull crackers so we can all wear a hat whilst we eat and all of the food is brought to the table and we get what we want (most of its normally left at the end because of there being too much!).

Merry Christmas one and all #christmas #christmasdinner #dinnerhat #claires #chicken

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After lunch, I always force everyone to watch Top of the Pops. This is another lull time. I normally always change out of my fancy outfit in favour of joggers or PJs, and sometimes I have a nap on the sofa. Once an adequate amount of time has passed since dinner I start nagging for dessert. There’s normally two choices so I ask for a bit of each!

Sometime in the evening, the rest of my family comes back and we play board games or video games and my mom makes everyone sandwiches from the leftovers, and we all generally snack from the ‘Christmas Box’ (is this a thing or just us?! It’s a cardboard box covered in wrapping paper that my mom puts all the Christmas chocolates in!).

Everyone leaves late and I’m exhausted. I go to sleep at about 10pm to prepare myself for a 6am wake up call for the Boxing Day sales!

How do you spend your Christmas Day? Let me know in the comments!

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