Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending the #BloggerHalloweenParty – organised by Kirsty Leanne and Ashton Jade. It was held at the Rose Villa Tavern in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, so it was nice and local for me.

#BloggerHalloweenPartyMy outfit was picked and prepped back in August, it was my first year ‘celebrating’ Halloween, so I got stuck in. I had an all black ensemble with a tulle skirt, and my concept was a cobweb. I covered myself in cobwebs and mini spiders and of course, I had my familiar on my shoulder.

I had arranged to catch a train with Loren mooooonths in advance, so I knew I had a buddy to head to the event with! But we ended up with a lovely little squad for the walk through Birmingham. Outside Grand Central we met up with Alice-Tilly, Amy and Hayley. We debated getting on the Metro to the Jewellery Quarter but as none of us knew how close to the venue it stopped we started on our trek instead.

And I’ll be honest, it was a TREK! I don’t think any of us had anticipated it being as long a walk as it was and I was pretty much shattered already by the time we arrived! We were the second group to turn up, and we started a little queue on the staircase.

After heading in, we all dumped our bags and got stuck in. I had such a lovely time, the first thing I did was start taking pictures and then head to the kiddie table! There was a competition to Design Your Own Pumpkin, so a group of us got going. My pumpkin was inspired by Jack Skellington, and also, the outfit I had worn on the day. I’m pleased to say I won! I received a lovely doodling pad courtesy of Mia Felce, so I can now design pumpkins to my hearts content.


To break the ice nicely, we were also given a flyer with different things we could do to get involved and tick off throughout the day including to guess how many sweets were in a jar on the bar and Tweet to thank all of the involved companies. The main attraction of course was to Tweet a selfie with as many people in as possible. Of course I had my trusty GoPro so I managed to snap a pic with nearly everyone in, thanks to Amy who spread the word, as I was a little too scared!

It was so nice, as an introvert, to not be judged or frowned upon for taking a ‘me’ break to check my Twitter or emails. I do find when I’m in a situation with lots of new people I often just need to scale back for a minute and looking at my phone is the perfect opportunity. I’m so thrilled to have met so many lovely bloggers, including Nikki, who I knew was as nervous as me from talking to her on Twitter!


The afternoon whizzed by in a blur of talking to the different brands present, including Goodyfull and Dr Botanicals – but my highlight had to be making my own fragrance with The Perfume Studio, I’ll definitely be writing about that in more detail in a not-so-distant post.

The day was capped off with a regrouping of the room to give out goody bags and raffle prizes. I didn’t win at the raffle, but I did not leave disappointed or empty handed. I was lucky (or obsessive enough, anyway!) to win the prize for the most Tweets on the #BloggerHalloweenParty leading up to the event and the gifts I received for winning were brilliant – I can’t wait to have a nice relaxing bath and the happiness journal I absolutely love. So great for positivity.


My treats for Tweeting the most on the #BloggerHalloweenParty hashtag!

Finally, we were given our goody bags. They were phenomenal. This was my first blogger event, but it’s hard to comprehend how any goody bag will ever top this. My personal highlights were the travel journel from Marco Polo, the 3 pack of Loreal Sexy Lip Balms and the oil blotting papers from Papier Poudre.

And we were on our way. But I made sure to stop Ashton and make sure she knew how grateful I was to her and Kirsty for putting the event together and the time and effort it must have taken. I know there had been some negativity surrounding their previous event, and I really hope the #BloggerHalloweenParty made it up to them for that.


Hilariously enough a few of us had mentioned during the event that we’d like to head into the Bullring for a mooch around before heading home after the event, but once we were laden down with our goodies we realised that was a no go!

So now it’s all over! But I’ve made some brand new blogging friends, and I can’t wait to see them all again. I’ve practically forced everyone to buy a ticket to #BlogConLDN and I absolutely cannot wait. Again – I can’t say thank you enough to both Kirsty and Ashton, not just for the event, but for helping me to break out of my shell that little bit more.

Have you ever attended a blogger event?

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