Blackforest Hot Chocolate Copycat

I love Costa at Christmas, and an inordinate amount of my money is spent there in the winter months – despite the fact I don’t drink tea or coffee!

In Christmas 2014, my family and I spent the winter months sipping on Costa’s Blackforest Hot Chocolate, and I was thoroughly sad to wave goodbye to it come January. In 2015, every time we ordered the drink we were sure to get a look in to try and figure out which ingredients they were using and we finally did it!

Blackforest Hot Chocolate CopycatI went on eBay and purchased the very Monin Syrup that they use for the drinks, Blackberry and Cherry. Monin also do a Blackforest flavour syrup, but this is not the one they use in Costa though I’m sure it tastes as good. The only thing we could never get our hands on was the raspberry Monin sauce they use on top – a barista told us that’s made specially for Costa. We used to use a strawberry sauce instead but it wasn’t the same.

Luckily this year Costa came back with an updated Blackforest Hot Chocolate for 2016, and they (sadly) no longer use the raspberry sauce so we were able to pick up a chocolate sauce used for ice cream.

Blackforest Hot Chocolate CopycatMy parents are big coffee fans and have a fancy bells and whistles machine, so my mom always froths the milk with that to get it boiling hot – though I’m sure you could do the same thing on the hob! She puts in a couple of spoons of Cadbury’s cocoa with a tablespoon of cold milk and mixes them together to create a paste.

Then I add in the syrup. I use a shot glass to measure it out. I like lots of the syrup flavouring so I use a full shot glass worth, but if you like a more subtle taste to it then I just use half to three quarters of the glass.

Once the milk is frothed it’s added into the paste/syrup already in the glass and topped with whipped cream. Then I put on top the chocolate ice cream sauce and as an added bonus this year I also grated some Lindt 85% cocoa dark chocolate on top. It tasted delicious, just like the real thing – in fact, I even commented I thought it was better!

Blackforest Hot Chocolate Copycat

A glass of winter heaven.

Have you ever tried a copycat winter drink? Let me know in the comments!

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