A year ago on Saturday, suffering from a serious bout of post-Disney blues, I sat down and posted the first regular blog on this little site.

Yeah, I’d posted a couple of times before, sporadically in 2015 – but it was 1st July 2016 when I started for real. I visited Florida for two weeks in May 2016 and I knew then we wouldn’t be going back for at least two years after having visited for three on the trot. I knew we were going back to the mundane reality of life and the daily grind that is work. This was soul crushing to me.

To lift me out of my pit, Liam suggested I start blogging properly – maybe even make some videos. Really get into it, and go for it this time. I had tried before but it seemed like it took so much time and effort (spoiler: it does!) and I couldn’t be bothered. It was feeling so low after my trip that kicked me into starting something.

My first post was my pre-trip report. Then I posted some getting to know me posts, I answered some blogging tags. I got on Twitter and talked to people about Disney, and more. I went to meet ups, I had friends! For the first time in years. I’m an introvert so my social side very rarely needs flexing, but when I needed to flex it, I had people to meet up with and talk to!

Eventually I went to my first blogging event in Birmingham. I met other bloggers, not just Disney fans, and I made friends there too. I filmed videos, and hauls, and weekly vlogs. I gave up on weekly vlogs, I took photos, I blogged EVERY DAY for Blogmas. I took outfit photos, I brought photography props, my design skills flourished. My blog has given me so much.

So the least I could give it, was a cake.

Mmm, cake.

How long have you been blogging, if at all?

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