I’ve been pretty much living alone for nearly a month now, aside from the occasional housemate using a tumble dryer at 4am. I’ve never been one to pass the time in my own company – I suffer from chronic boredom when I’m alone – so I’ve been getting to grips with the best activities to do alone.


Walking is by far my favourite lonesome activity. My feet and me are the master of our own destiny, and like Pocahontas, I can go wherever the (colours of the) wind takes me. I load up Spotify, choose my album of choice and put on my headphones for a solitary moment away from the stresses of the day. I sometimes go walking for over an hour.

Go to the gym

You know the saying – dance like nobodies watching. Well, head to the gym on your own and literally, nobody is watching. I probably couldn’t think of anything worse than my nearest and dearest seeing me fling myself around in an attempt to replicate the moves of my Zumba instructor whilst getting progressively sweatier. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that when I exercise alone.


There’s no greater pleasure in life than reading. Engage your mind, develop your imagination and settle down in a cosy blanket to catch up on the fictitious life of your favourite character. When I’m really into a book I can speed read it in a matter of days in much the same fashion I can zoom through a Netflix series or two…

Binge watch a TV series

Since I got here I’ve binged watched about three Netflix series’. Why? Because my other half never used to let me! He’s a fan of taking one episode at a time, savouring it and being desperate to step back into that shows world. Me, on the other hand, I want to devour it whole in as little time as possible so I can freely scour the internet for discussions and recaps.

Pick up a new hobby

I’ve got hobbies coming out of my eyeballs. I devote myself to one and then the next comes along just as quickly. I love them all equally, and they’ve done me a great service over the years when it comes to times I’ve felt bored and lonely. I thoroughly recommend you pick up a time consuming new hobby as soon as possible and I’ll give you some examples of mine: baking, sewing, bullet journaling, colouring, blogging, writing and editing.

So there you have it, the staples of my evenings for the past month laid bare – I’m practically a hermit, now. Let’s face it, introverted me quite enjoys it.

Do you have any lonesome activities that you recommend?

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