Banned Apparel Dreamer Skirt

I’m a massive fan of Tiki, and have owned this Banned Apparel Dreamer skirt for well over a year now, but have never worn it! Can you believe it?!

This beauty of a skirt has been hanging in my wardrobe for that long, and you want to know why? I thought nothing would go with it! I’ve tried it with an array of colours and cardigans on top and always thought it didn’t look quite right.

Banned Apparel Dreamer Skirt

Last weekend getting ready to visit Lincoln I tried a few outfits on, and the Banned Apparel Dreamer Skirt was one of them. I paired it with my yellow Boolevard petticoat and a camo green cardigan, along with a brown elasticated waist belt that I had off of eBay a while ago.

Bare with me now – I have specific reasons for why I chose every item that goes with this skirt. First of all, I went with the camo coloured green cardigan because it matches the leaves behind the tiki figures. Next came the yellow petticoat – it matches the tiki ladies hoola skirt, of course! The brown colour of my belt and my Michael Kors bag match the tiki figures. And finally, my Minimum Mouse pin because… tiki!

Banned Apparel Dreamer Skirt

This dress was originally paired with a pair of brown vintage-esque shoes from Office – unfortunately they rubbed me the day before! So I quickly swapped in the comfiest shoes I own… a pair of Toms! Ok, maybe not the best with a vintage inspired outfit, but boy did they protect my poorly heels.

The Banned Apparel Dreamer Skirt is the only item of clothing I own from Banned. You cannot buy directly from them, but I got this skirt in Blue Banana (you can also purchase it from Amazon). It was a complete and total bargain because they’d incorrectly put a sale label on it stating it was £10 – it was supposed to be £44.99. Of course, they had to honour the advertised price.

Banned Apparel Dreamer Skirt

The skirt is, unfortunately, now too big on me. This is why I wore the elasticated waist belt (though I do feel it brings the outfit together). It is a size large, and I generally wear a 12-14 though I have a very small waist, which may explain why it’s quite so big on me. To put it into perspective – if I wear this dress without the belt to hold it up, it literally will fall down. So it may be that the Banned Apparel Dreamer Skirt comes quite big, something to bare in mind if you’re thinking of buying this skirt.

We dropped really lucky when taking pictures of this outfit! The grounds of Lincoln Cathedral were open to visitors to stroll through – so of course we dropped our original plans and had an impromptu photo call there.

Banned Apparel Dreamer Skirt

You can find all of the items featured in this post at the following addresses:

Dress – Banned Apparel Dreamer Skirt

Cardigan – Primark

Pin – Minimum Mouse

Petticoat – Boolevard

Shoes – Toms

Bag – Michael Kors

Belt – eBay

Banned Apparel Dreamer Skirt

Do you own any Banned Apparel clothing?

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