There was never a time when Liam and I didn’t think that we’d be together forever. In our final year of university when other couples we knew were making plans to siphon their lives off into separate compartments, Liam and I were budgeting, discussing locations, the jobs we’d get and how happy we’d be together.

Today marks 5 years to the day that Liam and I became a couple. I was 20 at the time. I distinctly remember driving somewhere together in the first year of our relationship, and Liam telling me as part of a conversation I was the first person who he had felt he would eventually be married to. In more recent times, he told me, “There are some couples you just know are going to be together forever. We’re one of those couples.”

We’ve achieved a lot in our first 5 years together, and I wanted to share that with you.

Earned our degrees

Got degrees!

Having gotten together in our final year of university, we had a lot of pressure with dissertations and grades (him more so than me! I was never bothered haha). It was the ‘right’ time to settle down – when you’re that far in it becomes more about quiet nights in than partying all day and night.

We were on holiday in Orlando with my parents, to celebrate us finishing, when we received our final grades. We were going to be spending the day at the Kennedy Space Centre, and we both logged in in the morning to check what we’d achieved. I gained a 2:1 in Journalism, whilst Liam gained a 1st in Web Design.

The certificates still haven’t made it into frames and onto the wall though.

Both got jobs (a few of them, actually!)

Got jobs!

This was the ultimate challenge for me out of uni. I’d never had a job before, and you know what it’s like, no job no experience, no experience no job. We finished university in the June and fortunately I started a marketing role in November. Sadly it wasn’t to be, a truly awful environment, hideous manager, and a shattering of my self-confidence. Gladly I only spent a couple of months unemployed (and one awful document scanning temp job) before I went onto a better marketing role. I’m still at that same place now, over 3 years later, but thankfully achieved a promotion this year!

Liam, unfortunately, hasn’t had it so easy, and I’m mostly to blame for that! Luckily he’s a little older than me, so had some solid work experience coming out of uni. He managed to get one in a school shortly afterwards! He left in the end because we’re obsessed with holidays and had booked one in term time… whoopsie. So he got another job sharpish, again in a school, though they gave him the booked holiday off. Then we went travelling, and he quit his job. And he’s never quite been right after that. He’s been through about 4 jobs this year. But thankfully, he’s starting a new, promising, career-role in the coming weeks.

Moved out of home, and into our first place together

Got a house!

Ah, Ivy House, what can I say about it? Our first place was huge, cheap, and stank. It was a flat on the second floor of a huge listed building, and had glorious swooping gothic windows which rose from the floor to ceiling. The place was hideously cold, our clothes never dried properly, and we were the smelly kids at work. One rough winter we had a gigantic leak. It literally poured into the wallpaper, Liam stabbed it with a knife, and a huge monsoon rained down onto the spare room. After that, the walls got mouldy and covered in green patches, but the landlord didn’t do anything about it.

But despite all its faults we were happy there, together. We spent evenings watching hours of Breaking Bad, and playing silly computer games on our computers which were side by side. At Christmas, we’d decorate to the max, it was a really Christmassy building. We’ve since moved into our second place together, it’s much more modern, but boy are we paying for it!

We liken Ivy House now to Grimmauld Place. It was our own Grimmauld Place.

Went Travelling

Got travelled!

Two years ago, discontent with the man after going on our first Orlando holiday just the two of us, we started plotting our getaway. We planned a route, spent evenings researching, it evolved and shaped. I suppose part of us both in the beginning thought it was just a way to while away the hours. But it happened, it really did.

Last year we spent 4 months travelling. Liam quit, and I took a career break. We travelled the length and breadth of North America. We were free to do whatever we pleased, in a new location each week. I’m not going to say it was the best time of our lives. It wasn’t. It was stressful, and hard. But when we arrived in Orlando at the end of it all, knowing we were staying for 7 long weeks – that’s what made it all worthwhile.

I will probably never ever be in Orlando for that long again. It was like a home. THAT was the best time of our lives.

Got Engaged

Got engaged!

Whilst we were over in Orlando, Liam proposed to me. He had planned it all out, and it was all themed around the first Disney film we ever watched together – Tangled. And of course, the fireworks were going off above the Magic Kingdom castle.

We got to wear our Just Engaged badges, and a week later we went for dinner in Cinderella’s castle! It was magical (also, the food was amazing). Cinderella joked that Liam was a ruffian. The next week we had an engagement photoshoot with Disney Fine Art and Photography – a gift from our parents. We used the Beach Club as our backdrop.

Now it’s been over a year since we got engaged (no closer to the wedding though with my spending habits!)


Here’s to the next five!

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