Can’t get a reservation for the coveted Tale as Old as Time Afternoon Tea in London? Don’t worry about it – bring the tea to you with your own copycat version!

That’s exactly what myself and my bestie decided to do when she visited me recently for a long weekend. We’d been planning it for months, and I’d been obsessively scouring for recipes for treats that would feel right at home with my Lumiere and Cogsworth.

I’d also been lucky in the weeks prior to our home-made Afternoon Tea, as thanks to some Disney magic I managed to get my hands on the Primark Chip mug and the Mrs Potts moneybank. I set them up on my fireplace ready to observe our ritual.

I mostly looked for recipes available on Tasty by Buzzfeed, and Pinterest – I knew I wouldn’t want to spend a long time cooking complex recipes as I’d have a few to do. In the end, I settled upon four main recipes – Key Lime Pie Pops, Chocolate and Raspberry Tarts, Croque Monsieur Roll Ups and finally, my own take on the Grey Stuff (I’ve got a UK friendly recipe coming up on the blog soon!).

I prepared the pie pops well in advance as they had to be frozen, and the tarts the night before. Both of these recipes came from Buzzfeed and I’ll link to them below. Finally, the Croque Monsieur was just a case of a pre-made shortcrust pastry rolled out, covered with ham and cheese, rolled back up like a cinnamon roll and put in the oven to brown. It was cheesy and delicious!

Our Afternoon Tea wasn’t complete without an appearance from Chip, so I christened my Disney Store mug with a hefty portion of the Grey Stuff. It was actually delicious, but I was disappointed with the consistently as I had hoped to be able to pipe it, so I’ll be fine tuning it before sharing it with you.

Who needs tea when you have milkshake? Of course, we served our Frijj milkshakes in fine bone china. Despite being stuffed to bursting by the time we’d made our way through a couple of items, I’d happily do it all over again.

Follow the links below to find the recipes I used, so you can make your very own Afternoon Tea!

Key Lime Pie Pops at Tasty on Youtube
Easy Chocolate and Raspberry Tarts at Proper Tasty on Facebook
Croque Monsieur Roll Ups on Pinterest

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