Sunday May 8th 2016

We headed to Magic Kingdom for the After Hours Party and got parked up, as usual, we were sat on the tram for ages before it got moving! We got there and were some of the first people off the tram and ran straight onto a monorail. We sat down as there were only a few of us and that was it… we sat down, for half an hour! It was just stuck there, with no explanation, and the doors were all closed so there was nothing we could do.

As we’d been walking up into it some military jets had flown overhead – this was the same day as the Invictus Games opening ceremony. We thought maybe the monorail being stuck had something to do with that. So this got us off to a bit of a bad start, but finally we moved, though we did stop a lot during the journey.

Unfortunately we had a Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain that finished at half 8pm and we arrived into the park after that. Before we went in we needed to check in for the party. From the monorail we had seen a huge queue at the willcall booths and I was worried we’d have to get in it, but luckily when we got through bag check there was a big sign saying event check in and we were able to scan our magic bands and walk straight in. We didn’t have to do finger prints, which felt weird.

We were given an After Hours Party lanyard which listed all the rides which would be open and advised us we’d be able to get free ice cream novelties. We headed in and we were so late for our FP we had to bomb it through the park. Main St was crazy busy as always (and it was Mother’s Day!) so it took a while but we made it! We were able to go through the FP queue still.

After this, we headed to Main St because Liam’s magic band had broken earlier in the day. He took it off and the nobbly bits that you push in had snapped off and stayed in the one side, so he couldn’t do it up properly. We were going to head to Guest Services but as we were walking through the Emporium I said why don’t you just ask in here because there won’t be any magic bands in Guest Services but there’ll be loads in here? So there was a lady stood outside the till just kindof dancing to the parade so we went up to her. Liam explained the situation and she said she’d never seen this happen before. At first she said we may have to go to Guest Services anyway but then she said she’d go to the backroom and ask her manager if she could have the ok to just replace it. When she came back she said she would be able to replace it with another red one. Looking around though, they literally only had purple ones! She asked Liam if he would mind a purple one and I was a bit like, ergh, cause I didn’t think it was too manly haha! But he went for it! She explained to us that the purple ones were the brand new style so they are much thinner and easier to wear. I was jealous because I’ve got a clunky yellow one! She was so friendly and nice to sort it out for us.

We went over to Space Mountain, which is what we had our next FP for. Well, first we got stuck behind the Electric Parade! WE just had a look round the Emporium and finally, when we saw people walking up Main St we went out. Again, we only just arrived for our FP time!

After Hours Party Space Mountain

Waving like the Queen!

After Space Mountain we had some food. We wanted to go on Splash next so we headed that way and went into Pecos Bill’s. It was pretty much deserted as everyone was watching the fireworks, and it was about to close. We were the last people through the door before they shut up. We ordered a South West Burger to share, which came with nachos. There was the new mexican toppings bar so we were brave and asked for an extra plate.

At the toppings bar I was putting loads of extra stuff on and Liam started moaning at me saying it was a toppings bar now a make your own salad bar haha. I said I don’t care, if I pay $15 for a burger I’m going to get my moneys worth! It was really nice as there was now guacamole, salsa, salad cream and all the mexican toppings so we could make mini nachos. I thought the burger was ok too.

After Hours Party Splash Mountain

DCIM100GOPROGOPR3497.We headed onto Splash for our final FP and at this point in the evening it was only a ten minute queue anyway. People were just walking straight on, so we just got straight in a log. We were at the back so hardly got wet at all and it was so fun this time! It was nearly 11pm now which was closing time, so the start of the After Hours party. It was twenty to, so at this point I said to Liam let’s go on the Tiki Room whilst it’s quiet so we’re not wasting valuable party time later. I think we were always a little delirious at this point! Once we came out of the Tiki Room it was 10.57, so basically Party time! We got onto the Flying Carpets which we’d never done before. It was only After Hours party people on the ride by now and we were going up and down. I had no idea there were camels either side that spat on you and I nearly wrecked my GoPro! It went straight across my lap – so be aware.

After Hours Party Jungle CruiseWhen we came off it was officially After Hours party time! We ran straight across to Jungle Cruise and it was us and 3 other people. We all sat the front of the boat and she didn’t even need to use the microphone, she just spoke to us. It was a really, really weird experience having no one there and we couldn’t see much in the dark. When there’s loads of people on it you don’t really have to pay any attention to the stupid jokes but as there was only a few of us we really had to try and react to everything she said. When we got off everywhere was quiet and dead, and the first thing we came to was an ice cream cart – yay.

We’d been joking before the party started that they advertised free ice cream but we were saying there’s only one cart in the park and they keep moving it so you have to find it first haha. But it was really the opposite, there was a cart in every corner of the park, all of the ice cream carts from the day were open through the night. Every single person working them was so friendly and polite and cheerful. They would literally go out of there way to offer you whatever you wanted, the majority of times we went up only one of us wanted something and they would always ask the other person what they would like and be so surprised when we said no thank you! We went up to this first cart and I had a premium bar and Liam had an ice cream sandwich – we didn’t got a bottled drink yet at this point. We walked on down to Pirates whilst eating our ice cream novelties and when we got there we sat on the wall opposite and just ate them. We wolfed them down so quickly so we could get on the ride and not waste time.

We got onto Pirates and had a whole boat to ourselves! In fact, we had all of the boats in our vicinity to ourself. There were about 5 boats and we were the only ones in them. Because there was no queue they were holding people back so they could have several boats to themselves. Two empty boats went before us, then us in a boat, and then about three after us, and then the next party. We had the place to ourselves which was so cool because it felt like you could do anything you wanted and you could see everything so clearly with nobody else in the way. It really was cool.

After Hours Party Space MountainWe were going to do Big Thunder or Splash but when we got down there the parade was just ending its second run so we were literally stuck up a corner of a walkway as it was all roped off. We turned around and went all the way back round the park to Tomorrowland (wasting valuable time!) and we went on Space again. We walked straight on, and when we came out there was another ice cream cart. I got an ice cream sandwich this time and Liam didn’t get anything. I had to eat so quickly because Liam wanted to go on the cars in Tomorrowland that you drive round the track. He wanted to go in separately but I was like, Liam, I’m eating ice cream! So we got in a car together. I was frantically gobbling this ice cream down whilst trying to get in the car. I was totally unable to do my seatbelt and I kept glancing at Liam thinking he’d help but he didn’t even notice. In the end I had to nudge him and he did it up for me as my hands were full of ice cream sandwich.

MK_MINETRAIN_7682394310 - CopyHe drove and I ate! When we got back to the start, the lady said, “Do you two wanna go round again?” and Liam said yes. So off we went again before we finally got off and headed to Fantasyland. We did the Winnie ride and that was obviously amazing – he’s my all time fav. After that, we headed onto the Mine Train. It still had a queue of 5 minutes but it was round the FP queue. When we got in there was a huge gang of cleaners in it! They must have just finished a shift at once, there was about 15 of them. They didn’t let them all ride at once, they took them off and let them through in batches. When we got to the front of the queue, we were on the front seat again like yesterday. Two times in a row now! It was awesome.

It was about midnight already now, maybe even a bit past it, so we headed around to Peter Pan’s Flight which we just stepped straight onto. It was kind of good. You were once again able to take in all the little details. When we got off there was a couple in front of us and the man joked, “Woooah, that was almost too much for me!” – me and Liam being awkward Brits were unable to think of something witty to say back so we just laughed.

We went left to Haunted Mansion and noticed another ice cream cart, so earmarked it for later. There was still a lot of people going in here, it was busy! We still walkted straight on though. After HM we picked up a Strawberry Bar from the cart and I grabbed a sprite to put in my bag. We headed down to Big Thunder. We kindof had to rush our ice creams, it’s quite a walk down there so we had a bit of time but by the time we arrived we were one again wolfing them down so as not to waste any time. We ended up putting them in the bin with a few bites left but they had been really tasty.

Again, they were just using the FP queue as the normal queue. We did have a teeny weeny wait halfway down the slope, but as soon as we’d been on it once we were like, let’s do it again! That time we got straight on and they were sending carts off with empty seats. I thought maybe they’d be scaling the rides down and running less cars at the party, but it was the opposite! Everything was running like it was the middle of the day at full capacity until just before the end of the night. We went back to Space Mountain again now for a third ride! All the way across the park.


We stopped at the toilets on the way. I hate this. Going to the toilet annoys me because I feel its a massive waste of time. That sounds ridiculous but I try and avoid it as much as possible because I’d rather be on a ride! Anyway, we grabbed a bottle of water on the way to Space and then headed on. We walked straight on. Whilst we were waiting we saw a couple of blind people being led onto the ride. I said to Liam, I saw so many disabled people at the After Hours party – it made me think how nice it must be for them having the park this empty and how much easier it must be. Imagine how hard it being blind and trying to get round a busy Magic Kingdom? It’s bad enough when you can see and it’s so busy, so it must be so hard being disabled. I thought they should run disabled After Hours events but knowing Disney they would charge a fortune for it.

As we got off we were stopped before the slopy people mover style walk way. They had the blind people get off first, obviously it would have been a complete hazard if people were trying to get round them so they just stopped us all. Eventually behind us a couple turned up with matching t-shirts and started bitching about the whole situation. It really left a sour taste in my mouth. They were so mad they had to wait even though they had seen the blind people themselves! I heard the guy say we have to wait here because of the blind people but they kept going, what’s happening, why are we here etc. Eventually they must have decided Liam and I were waiting there for no reason so they pushed past us to ask the ride attendant if they could go yet and kept nagging her… she was like, no… I heard the girl literally say, this sucks! It was so disgraceful. It took 2 minutes of their time and they couldn’t even wait. They are probably the sort of people who will go away and complain to Disney and have their money refunded.

When we did get on the walkway, Liam said he didn’t want to wait to go on anymore rides, so we started running! We shouldn’t have been really, but everytime we get tired and delirious in the MK we start running all over the place! OMG it was the hardest thing running up that slope but I made it. The couple who didn’t like waiting saw us running too and copied us. But we did it first cause were cool haha.

We’d made our peace with Space now so at this point it was 1.30am so we went back to the Mine Train. Went straight on, with no queue, and did this again and again and again. We went on 6 times in total, 5 during this time frame. We just kept getting off and ducking under the rope to get straight back on – we were getting off and getting on the same train. It was the same woman in the queue every time and she just kept saying go whereever you want lol. This will never happen again. At 1.57am we called it a night 3 minutes before the end of the After Hours party.

MK_MSBRCART_7682412728We had a slow walk out of MK, stopping to take pictures around the carousel area. We had some photopass pictures, too. The street wasn’t nearly as empty as I had hoped. To be fair, we normally stay until the bitter end for good pictures, and we both agreed if you only want to attend the pary for empty street pics, you’re better off just staying until the end of a normal evening. By the time we were officialy leaving it was quieting down a little. We saw the proper kiss goodnight! Although I realise we had seen it before, we saw it face on, and properly. They started changing the colours of the castle, and we could see the carousel through the gates. The lights were on and it was twirling specially, then they shut the castle doors so we couldn’t see it anymore. It was so sweet and magical.

So that was it, the end of the After Hours party. I was really disappointed we didn’t get one last ice cream, I managed 3 and Liam 2, so 5 between us and 3 free bottles of drink. We paid $75 each, as we were AP’s it was half price and I seriously felt it was worth it for that. I had been toying with booking the Star Wars Dessert Party, and I’m so glad I booked this instead.

At the end of the evening we saw these two on scooters driving round and round in circles in the hub area. Liam asked me why, my answer was simple: "Beacause it's the one time they can!"

At the end of the evening we saw these two on scooters driving round and round in circles in the hub area. Liam asked me why, my answer was simple: “Beacause it’s the one time they can!”

At the end of the night the monorail wasn’t running, so we had to get the ferry which I hate! It always takes so long but tonight it wasn’t too bad. It was waiting for everyone to hop on and left pretty quickly. We were all so tired.

On the tram at the end of the night the announcer lady on the back was absolutely delirious and hilarious! She kept shouting. When we got on, the tram went to both sides of the park, a man ran up and asked everyone where they were parked and it visited every section which was mentioned. At once point a man got off cradling a tiny baby in his arms (seriously, what the hell?!) and the announcer lady shouted, “Oh my god! There’s a baby on here at 3am?!”

We were the very last stop and were crazy tired. We were the last little car in the car park. We got back to it at about 2.45am and were finally in bed at 4am. In total we managed 15 rides. 5 of them being Mine Train!

Read on for Day 10!

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