I’m old. Boooooo. Normally birthdays don’t have much of an impact on me (I’ve spent the last 3 in Florida!) but this year my birthday has come post-Florida jaunt so I’m in a bit of a funk.

More and more lately I’ve had these crippling moments. Suddenly a thought pierces into my senses and it’s like I’m paralyzed in down in the dumps-iness – what have I actually achieved in my life? Nothing important really. I’m particularly nuclear. Where has the time gone? There are years in my life where I can’t even recall what I was doing. Just coming home from work and… existing? Was I doing anything interesting?

During my trip to the coast I started to think more and more about all the fun I have crafting things. It’s relaxing. I’ve had brushes with scrapbooking and ear-making. I want to spend more of my time ‘doing’ – so here’s six things I’d like to ‘do’ over the next year.

1. Sew a dress

I’ve wanted to do this for ages. I have no experience of sewing and remember nothing of textiles. I was not gifted with a sewing machine in any way, shape or form. But in recent years I’ve been wearing a lot of alternative clothing and 50s style dresses and I’ve thought more and more how much easier it would be to make my own and use whatever fabric I like (aka DISNEY!). So I’ve brought myself a dress pattern and I’ll be making it my mission.

2. Start a podcast

I’ve listened to a few podcasts and I like the idea of it. Rambling about some topic or another. I always like to try new things and this seems like YouTube without the pressure of views – just doing something for myself. I know if I picked the right topic I’d be able to talk for hours!

3. Build a brand

There’s few things I dislike more than getting up in the morning and working for ‘the man’. I’m at a point now where I’ve built up a range of transferable skills that I believe I could legitimately offer to others. Over the next year, I’d like to build my brand and business to give me the career of my choosing. I’ve been brainstorming names for months now…

4. Finish my first scrapbook

This has been off my radar for a while now and as I mentioned before it’s only recently I remembered how nice it is to sit and work on a crafty project. I’ve done the first four pages of a scrapbook I started to document our year as Walt Disney World Annual Passholders and I fully intend to finish it from cover to cover over the coming weeks.

5. Learn to use a DSLR

I have a Nikon 1 bridge camera at the moment, which I love and use to take all of my blog photos. I also have access to a Canon DSLR and a range of lenses and I really want to learn to use it. Liam and I are going to have a few days out over the summer to get me to grips with it – it’s important to me that I learn to use a camera in manual mode rather than constantly rely on auto.

6. Teach myself graphic design

This has been high on my list for a long time – I work with a lot of designers in my job and it frustrates me greatly to not be able to create what they can. I know I have some of the fundamentals, but I’d like to immerse myself in the world of vector drawings and creating something from nothing. Luckily a Lynda subscription should make this one quite attainable – though I’m sure it won’t be easy!


Happy Birthday to Me!


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